You never miss the water until the well runs dry

One of the most telling idioms I ever read was “you never miss the water until the well runs dry”. In fact, my first time reciting it wasn’t as a direct result of my trusty old school Student’s Companion but in my early, early years listening to a Buju Banton (B.L.) song where he confessed that grown men do undoubtedly cry after losing something very dear and near to their heart.

This weekend in our Slouch from Couch I would like to focus on a topic that I have dodged for the past few months. It should come as no surprise that another social media post sparked this short discussion, after all that is where the majority of our true colours are shown even though many of us will insist that what we write on our Facebook pages are just fictitious.

Young people the spotlight as always is on you! It is always heart breaking to see when friends break off years of friendship for the most puerile reasons but when you see teens bitterly ripping their families apart, it brings out a different feeling of disenchantment. Of course, we can’t forget the sheep who would blindly click a like or love button without reason, just to show “support” – but that’s for another show.

It is easy to berate family or anyone for that matter, especially when in our developing minds we know what is best for us. This notion is one that I have seen put into action time and time again, only to fail miserably. There is no way a fourteen-year-old child can take the pressure that life dishes out when you are without the protection of parents or guardians. This is not me being negative; it’s me being very realistic.

Not having a significant role model in one’s life usually contributes to the downfall of many young teens and many troubled teens can attest to that. In my humble opinion parents can fill that roll seamlessly as according to KlientSoultech,  “parents play an important role in our mental, physical, social, financial and career development. They help us in every step of our lives and are the most precious gift of God… When we are happy then they are happy.”

That quote sums it up so nicely that I didn’t even have to sing, rather type the lyrics to BujuBanton song! But I will reiterate, don’t wait to lose a good thing to realize its worth!

Have a good weekend ya’ll and God bless.

Scady. P

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