The news about the break in at the Corinth Secondary

Hey YO! readers, welcome to another episode of Slouch from the Couch. I do hope that everyone had a productive week and you are ready for a nice relaxing weekend with your YO! Magazine in hand. I have to send an applause to all our law abiding citizens and to the “yutes” out on the streets being delinquent and a menace, try to do better.

Speaking of “yutes” doing better, how many of ya’ll read the news about the break in at the Corinth Secondary or worse the robbery gone wrong in Sarrot? How sad and traumatizing this must be for a driver who is on his early morning hustle, trying to make ends meet to feed his family and he is accosted by masked assailants. How unfortunate that the events that followed was something neither party was prepared for?The driver of the bread van in an attempt to defend himself left one of the armed banditswounded and as news of the robbery quickly circulated around the community so too did news of a dead masked body found in bushes nearby.

Needless to say now there is a family hurting as a loved one has senselessly lost his life. Young men, is that how we are to do better? Whatever happened to working hard and legally to make the paper that our favourite Dancehall and Rap artistes regularly sing about on those hit singles? Doing better isn’t agreeing with every idea our friends come up with, especially if it is one that has illegal activities in its job description. I vehemently believe that we have a responsibility to our peers to say NO, when we feel they have come up with a bad idea.

I fail to believe that in a group of young men, there isn’t one sensible individual that can influence others to not turn to crime as a way out of their current economic hardships. I refuse to buy into the excuse that has now become cliché – nothin’ eh running. Come on now, if you can devise a plan in your head about how to carry out an illegal act without getting caught, then you are intelligent enough to apply for a job or ask for help to write up your resume.

We have, no, we need to really take a long look into the mirror and decipher what we really want our island home to be in the next four years. We are the new generation and many of the things that get passed off or swept under the rug shouldn’t be allowed if we are to see prosperity in our society. It is time to take our island back and returning her to Sweet Saint Lucia, Helen of the West and not Rowdy Saint Lucia, the New Wild Wild West. Young men believe it or not it starts with you!

Have a great weekend ya’ll and God bless.

Scady. P

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