The road to forgiveness and God’s awesomeness

This weekend I would like to focus on the road to forgiveness and God’s awesomeness.

Forgiving someone who has wronged us is no easy feat and honestly, by God’s grace alone can we do the aforesaid.

It’s not easy to forgive an individual who has hurt us in the worst way imaginable; it’s not easy for hate, animosity and ill feeling to dissipate when someone has ripped out one’s soul and only left place for hurt.

The road to forgiveness is not an easy one but recently (after battling a situation internally for so long) I realized it can be crossed.

I always thought I didn’t have that bone in me; I could never carry hate in my heart.

But after crossing paths with someone who had done me wrong (the pain was almost unbearable) I realized that I had held the biggest grudge in my heart and had hated that person for so long. (P.S. this is not a break up story haha).

I pride myself in being positive; I love spreading joy and always hope that others see that light radiating in me wherever I go. I was a happy girl. Me? Hate? Absurd!

But yet, there it was. I realized that the feeling was deep, deep down inside me as I did not cross paths with the individual on a regular basis, thus, there was no constant reminder. And luckily for me, I had God by my side;He kept me going even when I was at my lowest.

But God (who is the epitome of love and all that is good), tells us that even when others have wronged us, we should forgive and that we should not harbour hatred in our hearts. Sometimes I can’t grasp the aforesaid because my pain is so great— “Hi God? Yes, your loving child here. How can you ask me to forgive an individual who has inflicted so much pain on me?”

Ever feel that way sometimes? I’m right there with you. But I know God knows best. I trust God to see me through and know that He will never steer me in the wrong direction.

I was face to face with my enemy recently and I realized I did not feel an ounce of hate in my heart. And a wave of gratitude washed over me because God knows, I needed to be free; I had to forgive an individual, who, to me, had committed the worst crime.

I never saw myself speaking to that individual again. But when I faced the individual recently, I did andthere was no anger there but an inner strength.

And I genuinely believe that when I forgive this individual wholeheartedly, I will be free and breathe again.

Have a good weekend my loves. I do hope this piece will inspire you or another in some way.

Sincerely, always,
Rae A.

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