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King – J.V.

At 25 years King J.V., Jerdel Valcin, links mastering his craft, to the widely perpetuated urban legend that most or all humans only use 10 percent (or some other small percentage) of their brains. The confident Ciceron resident and past pupil of the Babonneau Secondary School is far from the complete product and he is the first to admit it. That’s why he spends hours perfecting his skills, never afraid to try new techniques and never one to shy away from constructive criticism, and as the interview went on we realized that the King was more than just a deejay with dreams and aspirations far beyond the console.

Jerdel grew up in the often quaint community of Ciceron and vividly remembers being fond of music. Such fondness would often get him into trouble with his mother especially for taking her cooking pots, pans, and paint buckets to start his own band in the yard, as you guessed it, the drummer. Through the years his persistence and obvious resistance to a harsh scolding soon bore fruit and he became the drummer in his church band. The group would set out on small gigs around the community and would eventually secure a few performances in the surrounding communities, Cul-De-Sac and The Morne to name a few.

His deejay career wasn’t too far in the background as he reminisced that while he was drumming away at gigs, during his down time he would have been seen hooking up two CD Walkmen (a device like an ipod but uses CDs) on one speaker and pretending he was entertaining an audience. While at secondary school, a young Jerdel with his friends Zari and “Carpet”, would try his hands on Denon 88’s the choice CD player at the time and even Turntables; but it was after he graduated that he would take being a deejay seriously. “I left school in 2009 and that’s when it became serious linking up with the likes of Gavin Hippolyte (Shams Entertainment), Sheldon “Barber” Samuel and M.C. Smurf.”

As he continuedhoning his skills, playing at gigs mostly in his community, J.V. kept abreast with what was taking place at other venues. Understanding the importance of research, even as a D.J. the King would observe the way in which the diverse Saint Lucian audience reacted to the different genres that were played. He and his team would soon be working the bar circuits in the north of the island, and as more people became exposed to King J.V. he saw a quick rise in his demand. Today he is the exclusive deejay for hotspot Verve Bar in Rodney Bay and has become a fixture in their signature events.

Image of King - J.V.

King – J.V.

His hard work continued to reap massive dividends as his dream radio job became a reality in 2015. After seeing his stint on Ibas Radio last for only a year, he was elated to learn of an opening at the islands number one party station Blazin F.M. “I had to leave Ibas because of medical reasons and I stayed off radio for another year.” “Michael La Porte told me there was an opening at Blazin Fm so I applied and the rest is what you hear today”.

Today King J.V. can be heard on the number one Morning Show, “The Morning Heat” which is also broadcast live on DBS T.V. In that capacity not only is he charged with playing the new music and keeping the energy “lit” he also lends his expert advice on a range of topics from relationships to politics.

Jerdel is adamant that his talents won’t be limited to the D.J. console as his interests also include producing with credits on Boom’s very first Dennery Segment single “Ladjé” and sound engineering which he plans to pursue academically in the not too distant future.

Before ending the interview which took us late into the afternoon, he encouraged the youth, especially the young men to “stop the violence and play music”, honour their parents, and never give up on their dream as he is living testament that dreams do come true.

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