Little Rose

You are adorned by silky, velvet petals
Fragile, but with a resolve more resilient than any metal
Protected by sharp thorns, like a kingdom is by an army
No need for such, as your beauty alone can disarm me

You intend for your beauty to be admired from a distance
Which captivates from the very first instance
My eyes are smitten
An epic romance waiting to be written

You are either red with burning passion
Or white with pure innocence
A true beauty in every sense
Clothed in your elegant fashion

Your sweet scent woos the air
Like a sensual whisper in one’s ear
A kiss from dainty lips
Or perhaps a caress to tender hips

Your timeless beauty is an unsolved mystery
Also, a symbol of class and power
Like the great warring houses of history
Little rose, the lady of a flower

Warm, red rose drops of blood now drip from my fingers
As I carelessly indulge in the allure of your beauty
But relishes of your softness supercedes the throbbing pain which lingers
For truly appreciating beauty is a painstaking duty

Little rose, epitome of serenity
One must appreciate your beauty in its entirety
Like a gentle breeze you feel my soul with bliss
Heavenly, like an angel’s kiss

By: Marlan J Leon

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