Melanin Pops: Black Girls Killing It! – Xenia

ICYMI: Say hello to “Melanin Pops!” A new column which highlights millennials who are killing it: future rock stars, supermodels, farmers, lawyers, doctors, etcetera; a fun, quick read on persons to watch. Check out our Q & A with Xenia below!

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YO: Tell us a bit about yourself.

X.D: Hey guys! My name is Xenia Douglas, I’m 21 years old and I’m a Saint Lucian hustling to make it happen in St. George’s, Grenada. I love being creative; I’m a professional dancer and I enjoy having great conversations with people. Another thing about me is that I loveeee Natural Hair. I’m a proud 758 Naturalista!

YO: You’re a student at St. George’s University— how long have you been there and what are you studying?

X.D: I was previously at the University of the West Indies Franchise programme in St. Lucia, pursuing my BSc. in Finance, Management and Information Technology. From this programme I transferred to the St. George’s University (SGU) after receiving a full scholarship to finish my final year. The programme required me to reside in Grenada for a few months before I begin, so I pushed back my enrollment period to August 2018, and decided to work in the meantime so that I wouldn’t be twiddling my fingers while I wait.

YO:You’re a Marketing and Promotions Exec? How did you land the job?

X.D:Yes I am! I am the head of Marketing, Promotions & Communications at the Fit for Life Health Club, a state of the art type of gym facility that caters mainly to foreigners, locals and the American University students. I am the youngest employee and executive in the company, as well as the youngest female assisting the management team. Everything that has happened for me in Grenada, especially workwise,had to do with my resilience.

YO: Fav. thing about Saint Lucia?

X.D: Now that I travel back and forth so often, I’m realizing what I love most about St. Lucia is really it’s people. Since we’ve made tourism our main focus it looks very pretty and I realized our people are very trained to assist foreigners with anything that they need. Being a foreigner in another country, I know how important it is for a country’s people to be friendly and willing to help, so I think that is commendable.

YO: Fav.thing about Grenada?

X.D:The beach is really and truly my favourite place to be on my off days; Grenada’s white sandy beach vibe has won me over since I’ve been here and I absolutely love it!

YO: What Makes your Melanin POP?

X.D:I think what makes my melanin pop is that I am a young black girl who believes that she is smart, confident, and knows that in life you need to hustle to make things happen for yourself. I always know and see what I want in my mind, and I never stop until what I see is right in front of me. Ask anyone. I don’t believe in excuses, I just aim to produce results. If you are a young black girl who believes you have what it takes to make magic happen, it’s up to you to make it happen.

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