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Giovanni Charles

“Another day you’re alive. Give thanks and make it count!” is a quote said daily by one of St. Lucia’s top deejays, Sir Lancealot. Surely, we must be appreciative for our lives and make everyday meaningful for we may never recognise when our lives will come to a halt.

Recently it struck my friends and I after receiving devastating news of the death of two friends, Brandon St. Omer and Bradley Cyril, via a tragic vehicular accident. They were young kings in the making having a good time with no knowledge that it would’ve been their last. I make mention of this because such situations are referred to as “gone too soon” and so I want us to all think for a moment, especially the teens.

We will all eventually end up in the world of work which goes from about age 18 to retirement around 65 years old, trying to earn a proper living for ourselves and loved ones. That makes up at least 70% of our lives.

Bills to be paid, that new outfit to be bought, that fete to be attended, that vacation to be paid for and those groceries to be bought. But in order to do so, the job must come through.Why not spend that time doing something that you love? Why not wake up to a new day with a big smile on your face knowing that when you go to work, you won’t feel as if you’re actually doing work, but a hobby? They say work hard and play hard, but what if work was your play?

Maybe you would enjoy your life so much more.

Envision a guy who has a love for music. He starts off with lessons to learn how to play his favourite instruments and then builds his craft to a point where he is regularly hired to play at events. He may even end up being part of a musical band or forming his own. Envision a girl who just loves doing her makeup every day. She enters a cosmetology school to enhance her talents and graduates to being a certified make-up artist then markets her way to receiving several clients or to working for a top makeup brand like Fenty Beauty.

As cliché as it may sound, we never really know which day is our last and how much time we have left to live, so why not do the things that you really feel like doing? It doesn’t matter what the opinions of others may be, as long as you love it and it’s legal to do, go for it! If not now, when?

Can you imagine leaving this world without even pursuing your passions, doing work you relate to and crossing out stuff on that bucket list? Yep… sounds a bit boring. So before your final hour creeps upon you, I urge you to do your thing. Have your fun. It’s only one life… Why waste it? Remember only one “you” was made and if you don’t be yourself then nobody else will. Wishing nothing but a peaceful rest for my bros Brandon and Bradley because I know they surely spent their time doing stuff that they loved.

~ Giovanni Charles

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