Notox: The Recipe for Healthy Skin

Image of Agnes Savenok (far) left and ‘The Happiest Girls’

Agnes Savenok (far) left and ‘The Happiest Girls’

Finding the right skincare products can be an uphill battle sometimes. Many times individuals buy products with high expectations, only to be disappointed later.The disappointment is even greater when these products have been marketed as the ‘best of the best’, but results, however, indicate otherwise. Frustrating isn’t it?

Enter ‘Notox Girls’, a local skincare line and the answer to your problems.

‘Notox’ was created by 29-year-old Agnes Savenok who moved to Saint Lucia about two years ago. Funny thing—she never planned on visiting Saint Lucia; after discovering the island on, she later realized that this was no “accident”—this was fate.

In a sit-down interview, Agnes shared her story and told us all about the ‘Notox’ brand and how it came about.

“I came here with my fiancé on vacation,and we decided to stick around because the people were amazing;we couldalso work anywhere we have Wi-Fi. I didn’t have much to do—I helped him out with his business and had a lot of time on my hands and so he told me to find something that I enjoy and pursue it,” Agnes, who sat comfortably across me, shared.

“When I got to the island I was using so many prescription skin care products that I couldn’t find here. I have had bad skin my entire life: I had teenage acne, cystic acne, discoloration and scars from using products with lots of chemicals;I decided to look around and I found some natural products on island and I loved them,” she said, adding that she started conducting research then and realized that Saint Lucia had “so many ingredients—not like those I’m used to.”

“Here, you get everything you need on the side of the road,” she said.

Her struggle with bad skin led her to help other young women like herself with ‘Notox Girls’; it proved to be one of the best decisions she ever made.

“I’m really passionate about young girls’ skincare,” Agnes told me, also recalling that as a child, she was pushed towards “big companies with great marketing.”

“They had fun, bubbly ADs, but then, you look at the ingredients and you have no idea what the ingredients are; they are like 77 words long and you’re trying to figure where in the world coconut oil is on the list,” she added.

She teamed up with Natmed’s Dr Gayle Sigovia shortly after, as she was well-educated on skincare.

“We worked on average for about a month, to a month and a half, for each product; we went back and forth from her manufacturing spot in Gros Islet and that’s how it started.”

She admitted that she never thought the brand would have such an impact—her friends encouraged her to start a ‘pop-up’ shop at Baywalk Mall; she took their advice. The girls were extremely pleased with the results and insisted that she stay on island.

“Not that I was planning to move but it was really reassuring and very encouraging, because it’s not something that I had done before,” the ‘Notox’ owner added.

Prior to launching a successful skincare line, she dabbled in music, blogged for others and had even done secretarial and administrative work. But this was her first time entering the entrepreneurial arena; it was a big leap and she landed perfectly.

“I’ve learnt a lot along the way and I have the most amazing team around me already; we’re really, really excited about lots of things,” an enthusiastic Agnes shared.

‘Notox Girls’ offers a variety of products.

From lemonade scrubs to grapefruit-hibiscus scrubs, ‘mermaid mud’ and coffee face masks, daily moisturizers and cleaners, (and tons more!) you can get it all—don’t forget their charcoal facewash, their best-seller; Notox tackles all your ‘insecurities’ and goes skin deep, leaving you with soft, glowing skin.

And best of all? All products are “handmade using only the most natural and most fresh ingredients.”

Agnes, who comes from Rostov-on-Don, Russia (but was raised in the United States), is also a licensed aesthetician.

“I’m not practicing but I did that just so our customers canfeel comfortable when I give them advice,” she said.

And with ‘Notox’ you’ll “feel the difference,” the entrepreneur promised.

“You’ll feel the difference of texture in the products, you’ll feel your skin start to brighten up but you also have to realize that if your skin is used to chemicals, natural takes longer but it sticks around; the benefits are long-lasting and gets to the root of the problem,” she stressed.

Why ‘Notox’?

Says Agnes, also an island girl at heart: “My fiancé and I were sitting in the room one day and we were working on names. I wanted something like: no chemicals, no toxins (‘Notox’) and I liked that ‘Notox’ is kind of a play on Botox— that’s how it came about. We were just bouncing words off each other for two hours; the main vision in the very beginning was anything but boring.”

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Available at: JQ Mall (Caribbean Blue Naturals).Also coming soon to ‘The Harbour Club’ and other stores near you.

(For deliveries and more) Contact: 714-5737

Side note: More from Notox Guys soon!

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