Schreffler: ‘We Will Rise’

On the day he released his latest track ‘We Will Rise’, Schreffler Germal Maxwell shared his first thoughts on the feedback he’d received from his supporters, amongst other things. Check out his interview with Liz-Anne De Beauville below.

Image of Schreffler Germal Maxwell

Schreffler Germal Maxwell

L.A: What inspired you to write this song?

Schreffler: “For me personally, I’d been hearing about the criminal activity taking place. I also saw a lot of political uproar on talk shows and I felt like that needed to be addressed. Now, seeing that soca music is mainstream in Saint Lucia and the Caribbean, I thought that genre would serve as a good vehicle to transport that message of hope to my fellow people.”

L.A: We noticed St. Lucia’s musical heavyweight Francis Leebo De Lima is also on the track. How was it working with him?

Schreffler: “It’s been a bittersweet experience. I’ve worked with him in the past and I know the kind of work he expects. He is one of the veterans in music production, so you can imagine how that made me feel. But as most of us know, he hasn’t been well health-wise lately, and doing this posed a challenge for him. However, he was determined to work through it.”

L.A:What has the response been so far for your latest song?

Schreffler: “Generally, everyone is pretty excited about the new track. They speak particularly about the lyrics because they find it to be relatable. They also think it’s timely and shared that it gives them a sense of hope.”

L.A: If there was one negative thing you could take away from this St. Lucia to make it better, what would it be?

Schreffler: “Hatred. I think it’s really the root of all negative things. If I could take it away, I would definitely solve all other problems that stem from it.”

L.A: Looking at your personal life, how have you ‘risen’ above your biggest problems? What can we learn from you?

Schreffler: “One of the things that has shaped my thinking is the reality of God. Knowing that there is a Father up above that loves me beyond what I can think or imagine has caused me to go about life differently, and see things in a more positive light.”

L.A: Final words?

Schreffler: “My heart’s desire for this song is that it touches the hearts of St. Lucians and everyone in the Caribbean. I want it to bring back a sense of family, unity, love and to give hope to the people. Be sure to check out my song  ‘We will Rise’ on Soundcloud, and YouTube.”

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