We have been exposed to violence against our young people at an alarming rate

When we opened 2018 I never imagined it would take me such a short period of time to rethink asking for the rapid end to 2017. Come on now, I know I wasn’t the only one with the pitch fork and lighted torch calling for the head of a year that seemed to have all the negatives of 2016 rolled over into it like a monthly data plan from Flow or Digicel. So let’s be honest for just a little minute because surely I wasn’t the only one!

I often considered that a new year should mean starting a fresh just like a morning after a night of rain. Well boy was I wrong! Our 2018 has started with a bang and folks not in the most positive way. Not only have we been privy to one of the most horrendous child pornography tapes in the island’s history, we have been exposed to violence against our young people at an alarming rate.

The videos seem to be releasing at a pace matched by Reggae artiste Sizzla’s once daily release of full length albums. What is most disappointing is the response these videos have garnered from the general public. While we have a few people condemning and shunning the distribution of the videos and also its contents, we have a vast majority of young people that have found comedy where in my opinion crimes have been committed.

The memes, parody videos and music that surfaced after those tapes were leaked on Social media leaves a lot of questions unanswered about youth education when it comes to abuse. Are young people aware of what abuse is? Do they understand what rape is? Before you quickly rush to answer yes, you might want to hold back and do a little survey.

Many of our teenagers aren’t aware that abuse is not only hitting and rape isn’t only when someone says no. They are naïve to facts that I believe we think should be common knowledge about these two very important topics. This is why this weekend we decided to take a different route with the YO! Magazine. I implore everyone to play their part in ensuring our youth are adequately educated on these two very important topics.

We may yet save a generation if we begin the education now.

Take care ya’ll and God bless.


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