‘Home’ Grown: Tori Elle and Shemmy

‘Home’ is one of the sweetest Saint Lucian songs you’ll ever come across. The melody is infectious, the lyrics are refreshing and positive, and once you hear it, a patriotic wave sweeps over you, reminding you of Helen’s most positive attributes.

Penned by Shemmy Johannes (famously known as ‘Shemmy J’) this track is dedicated to 758.

Image of Tori Elle and Shemmy

Tori Elle and Shemmy

In an interview with YO, ‘Home’ singers Shemmy J and Tori Leonce (stage name ‘Tori Elle’)shared more about the track, detailing what it was like working together, amongst other things.

“We’re in the Independence season and I thought to myself this is the best time to do it. I caught the idea on Wednesday night, about two weeks ago, pitched it to Tori and she liked it,” Shemmy said, starting things off.

The song was recorded on Saturday at Ransum Records in Anse La Raye.

“We recorded the song in about six or seven hours and the bar across the street played it immediately,” Tori said.

It was evident that the two made an excellent pair. It was their first time working together and what they accomplished was nothing short of amazing.

Surprisingly, Tori, 18, hesitated before agreeing to do the track, stating she thought the Soca genre was not for her.

“I like to take chances and I think that nothing beats a try. Turns out, it was really nice! I think going forward my music will have all kinds of vibes, not just one thing,” the budding singer said.

She continued: “I was really excited when I heard the song. I could feel the potential for this track and when we got in studio it was straight to work. We listened to the song over and overand people fromoutside were coming in because they wanted to listen to it. It was just a really nice experience.”

The pair have a great relationship and their chemistry translated in studio.

Says Shemmy: “I always recognized Tori’s amazing talent. I went on her YouTube page one day and she had this cover (Charli XCX’s ‘Boys’) and that just caught me.I like bringing out new talent and already the industry does not have enough females and that’s something I always wanted to do. I got the chance to do that with her and it was an amazing experience.”

It was Tori’s second collaboration. Her first was on debut single ‘Call Me’ (featuring Chemis) which was released last year. Shemmy on the other hand, had done numerous collaborations and it was obvious that the artistes got better with each one.

He described the creation stage for the song and it’s definitely an interesting one.

“I got a beat off YouTube. The beat we used wasn’t the original beat for the song,” the 20-year-old said, explaining how it all came about.

The opening line, (“I wanna be free”) he hoped, would hit a sweet spot and would bring Saint Lucians living overseas, back home, even without being physically present.

“I pictured myself being overseas in a different climate. People sometimes are always inside and cannot go out as much as they’d like and that’s how I started: ‘I wanna be free, free like the birds in the tree.’ It’s like I want to come back home, because home is the best place for you to be free.”

Later, he would send the beat over to ‘Ransum Da Producer’, who sent him a beat of his own.

“It fitted well on his beat and that’s how it all happened,” Shemmy explained.

The artistes are currently working on creating a music video for the groovy soca single and shared that they will be performing the song throughout the season.

But according to Shemmy, this song is not solely for Independence. This is an “ordinary release”; one individuals can always go back to, to find their way home.

Shemmy, who hopes to participate in the upcoming Groovy Soca Monarch Competition, says that greater things are in store for 2018.

For Tori, a Sir Arthur Lew Community College student, it’s just the beginning.

Says Tori: “I just love music with my whole soul—all of it. I finish school on June 7, and honestly, that will be the happiest day of my life. I can’t wait to burn a fire with my music!”

Already, they’re both doing so.

This homegrown trackis one you’ll want to hear on full blast and no matter where you are you will feel right at ‘Home’.

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