Legends: Cheers to 5

Legends Carnival Band is undeniably sweet this year; perhaps sweeter than ever. With a birthday theme for 2018, (‘Cheers to 5’) Legends made sure that their launch was a special one.

The band pulled out the “big guns” for this one and it was clear that this was no amateur show.

Held at ‘The Harbour Club’ on Tuesday 5, February, it was one of the most impressive launches so far: a fire display, sparklers and models that resembled Victoria Secret Angels in the grand finale made the launch the ultimate show-stopper.

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The costumes wereas colourful and as yummy as confectionery: ‘Sweet Treats’, ‘Sapphire’, ‘Confetti’, ‘Let’s Toast’ and ‘Fierce and Fabulous’ were welcomed by flashing lights and a sea of “oohs” and “aahs”; it was perfect.

Legends also revealed their 2018 ‘Mess’ theme (‘Jab Jab’) and tried their best to win attendees over with clips from 2017 ‘Mess’ as well as their version of carnival.

But the band didn’t have to try hard—the costumes alone spoke volumes and attendees were clearly impressed. It’s safe to say, the band ‘broke the internet’.

After four years of being on the road (this year will be their fifth) Legends proved that the all-female-directed band was no ordinary band. With a sugary, candy-coated line-up and a birthday theme, this year, seemed to be the crème de la crème; the wait was worth it.

Cheers to 5!

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