Red Returns with ‘Sunrise’

‘Red’ has returned. After a one year hiatus, Red Unlimited made their way onto the carnival scene once again hoping to stun the masses with their 2018 portrayal.

In 2016, they ignited the stage with ‘Rise of an Empire’. This year, Red Unlimited (formerly Red Rebellion) attempted to do so again with ‘Sunrise’ at the Pigeon Island Ruins.

Would the band have the same wow-factor? Revellers were curious to see Red’s unveiling—a ‘must see’ event.

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Unlike their predecessors, Red’s unveiling took place at sun-up and was a breakfast affair, aptly titled ‘Breakfast with Red’.

After breakfast and a jam session, the main event commenced and ‘Sunrise’ was revealed.

‘Del Mar’, ‘Les Miserables’, ‘Papillon’, ‘Phoenix’, ‘Dawn’ and ‘Aurora’ made up a colourful ‘Sunrise’— Del Mar’s blue, Dawn’s purple, orange and pink and Les Miserables’ orange and yellow, being the most prominent.

Whilst some were impressed with Red’s comeback, others felt that it was a letdown.One thing was obvious, however: their launch symbolized a rebirth—a dawn of a new day—one that was full of promise.

Red has returned and from the look of things, Red Unlimited is here to stay.

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