We’ve all been through a ‘rough patch’

We’ve all been through a ‘rough patch’ and like the name suggests, it’s no fun at all. Most of us have also had friends who have been through the ‘wringer’ too, I’m sure. By now, you have discovered that this too, brings no joy.

It’s hard to watch a loved one break in pieces; it’s like you can see the depths of their soul coming right out. Most times, you hurt just as much, you sob just as much and cry just as much, sometimes feeling completely helpless in the process, and you desperately hope and pray for a way out.

Sounds familiar?

Unfortunately, currently, I’m going through the aforementioned situation and I must admit that it fills me with pain and anger.

I pray, every day, for a victory—one that will turn frown lines into the widest grin ever, but somehow, that seems so far away; I have not given up,however, nor do I intend to.

Whenever I find myself in a tough position, or need to motivate another, I find myself going back to the Bible, emphatically stating that if one has faith “as small as a mustard seed”, God will see them through.

It’s hard sometimes to hold on to faith—to scripture—to quotes and “The Word” when everything just seems to be getting worse every single day, but it’s crucial.

This is when you pray harder (despite the fact that in these moments, it’s hardest to); this is when you sing songs of praise and magnify the glorious name of God. It’s hard I know, especially when you are so discouraged, but if you do, if you persist, if you believe, God will move mountains for you.

It’s hard to watch as a loved one crumbles; it’s infuriating and can fill one with sadness, but always remember to play the most important role of all: be the support system that this individual needs so desperately.

Do not crumble yourself—at least, not in their presence; provide words of encouragement, help out when necessary; be that source of motivation.

It will be hard sometimes (the road gets rough!) but never give up on a friend in need.

With that said, I wish you all a wonderful weekend.

Take care my loves.

Sincerely, always,

Rae A.

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