Asari Turns Up The Heat with ‘Yoruba’

Revellers are you ready? Hold on to your seats and fasten your seatbelts because the band launches are coming and they’re fast and furious!

Another carnival band has launched. Asari Tribe has released their costumes for 2018 and let’s just say ‘the streets are talking’. Asari (formerly ‘Dynasty’) turned up the heat by a few degrees and if we’re being honest, this newcomer band has it down to a ‘T’.

Only in their second year, Asari, already, is stirring things up a bit, showing that they are a force to be reckoned with.

The band’s launch took place on Wednesday, February 28, at Jamrock Reggae Café and Grill in Rodney Bay. A number of revellers showed up to the band’s launch, eager to see Asari’s offering; ‘Yoruba’ (their theme for 2018) was one worth waiting for.

They came in many styles and colours: ‘Oshun’, ‘Ogun’, ‘Osoosi’ and ‘Eshu’. Though they all had the irresistible carnival appeal, it was ‘Osoosi’ that stole the show. A captivating forest green, ‘Osoosi’ came with both Monday and Tuesday wear.

‘Eshu’s Tuesday wear, too, was captivating. An all-red bodysuit, complete with a red visor, it was the perfect Tuesday outfit.

One lucky reveller walked away with a smile on her face, proud to become a member the Asari Tribe, after winning a half-off costume giveaway.

There’s more: On Monday March 5, the band announced that they had welcomed local designer Taribba Joan do Nascimento (‘Meme Bete’) to their team.

They’re a small band but make no mistake: they have a lot to offer. Asari promises: it’s ‘A Spectacular Atmosphere Releasing Intensity’.

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