It’s baffling to me when grown folk act like children

It’s baffling to me when grown folk act like children and even teach their children to do the same. Yes, I’m talking about 35+ year old adults (for the most part), who insist on acting like they’re stuck in a high school time machine.

Now if this behaviour didn’t affect me and others at times, then I’d say, very well, go on your merry way, but when it affects me directly, it’s a huge problem!

You will come across people like this every day: on the job, at school, on the bus, at the bank, at the market, at home, overseas—wherever you go, you will find some inane person who refuses to grow up.

Sometimes temptation swoops in, and you’ll feel the need to stoop to their level because “if you can’t beat them, join them,” right? Wrong!

I can assure you, by doing this, you’ll achieve nothing. If anything, the individual may enjoy this game ten times more than you do, embracing the role of big bad wolf.

Oh and let’s not forget that the individual will call you out on your hypocrisy too.

I hear them constantly: “adults” who refuse to accept that their child is at fault, and will start a quarrel and blame everyone, but the person who should be blamed.

“Adults” who dress and act like children, and who lack common sense; “adults” who shut you out even before hearing your thoughts.

“Adults” who will give you hell at school, at work, at church (yes even church) rather than coming to terms with the fact that they were wrong in a situation.

They are everywhere. Sometimes, we too, are those “adults”. Yes, I’ve been there; however, I try so hard to move away from that kind of behaviour.

Funny thing: those of us who are guilty, most times, complain about the very thing we practice.

In my case, this is not something I practice. Yes, I have weak moments and yes I cave right in sometimes, but I always try to work on my behaviour and be the best version of myself, although that’s hard as rocks sometimes.

There are those who refuse to accept that there is room for growth, and if you fall under that category, remember that we all can use some work.

Don’t cling on to the “no one is perfect” argument—of course we aren’t! But we must accept that there is always room for improvement.

Some things are harder than others, but if we try we will get there.

Have a wonderful weekend all,

Sincerely, always,

Rae A.

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