Choiseul Secondary Inter-house track meet 2018

The Choiseul Secondary School held their annual inter-house track meet on Thursday 8th February 2018at the Soufriere Mini Stadium. The houses competing for the championship trophy were King (yellow) Darcheville (green), Mitchel (blue) and Jean (red). Jean house was the champion for both 2016& 2017 and has maintained a level of consistency as it relates to remaining unbeaten. The other houses King (yellow), Darcheville (green) and Mitchel (blue) refused to surrender to Jean (red) house.  King house unleashed their kinetic energy and growl of the tiger, while Darcheville house hurtled their horse power with a revenge and not forgetting Mitchel house who flew like an eagle to exhibit theirsupremeswiftness, all with the conceived notion to bash out the defending champion (Jean house).

In the preliminaries of the road race and road relay events, the horse power from the Darcheville house set the precedence by taking the lead. Upon completion of the field events, the kinetic energy from the King house overpowered the other houses to take the lead prior to the track events. The battle was intense and all houses fetched their best athletes to perform and contend in their respective track disciplines.

Choiseul Secondary Inter-house track meet 2018
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King, Mitchel & Darcheville all fought vigorously to overthrow the reigning champions Jean. All athletes displayed world class competition and exciting top performances. In the end, (KING) roared their tigers to dethrone the reigning champions (JEAN) and chase away Mitchel and Darcheville to become the Inter-house Sports Champions for 2018.

The final scores:

First Place King – 943

Second Place Darcheville – 904

Third Place Jean – 867

Fourth Place Mitchel -596

The sports award ceremony was held the following day, Friday 9th February 2018 on the school grounds. All athletes who excelled in their track and field events were honoured with gold, silver and bronze medals. The VictrixLudorum awards were given to athletes who received gold medals in their individual events and were outstanding in their divisional performances.

The recipients of the VictrixLudorum awards:

Division 4 Male & Female

  • Jaheim Ferdinand – Male – Jean House – Gold 300M, 600M, Shot Put, Cricket Ball Throw & Long Jump
  • Jada Emmanuel – Female- King House – Gold 80M, 150M, – Silver – Cricket Ball Throw

Division 3 Male & Female

  • Ajani Louis – Male – King House – Gold- Discuss, Javelin. Bronze- 400M
  • Nella Nelson – Female – Mitchel House – Gold- Discus, Javelin, Shot-put

Division 2 Male & Female

  • Hanif Antoine- Male-Jean House – Gold-Discuss, Javelin. Silver- Long Jump
  • Syana Mc Farlan– Female – Mitchel House –Gold- Long Jump, shot-put, discuss. Silver – 100M 400M. Bronze- 200M

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