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In the world of the millennials it would appear that a lot of us are guilty of a sin that if the internet had gods and ye were to be judged, it would be on the same level as a mortal sin (yup that gravely sinful act, which can lead to damnation if a person does not repent of the sin before death).

Folks, a select few among us aren’t that fond of reading and thus are found guilty of “C ek C” (click and comment). Yes! I kid you not; in this day and age, can you believe it? Here I am thinking that being able to read is a fundamental staple in one’s social and academic diet, so much so if you were to stay without it for even a minute, the wages of such iniquity would mean death. Boy was I wrong, it appears that people would rather be told than to be the teller-the one with the knowledge.

Could this be the reason why we are easily fooled and taken for a ride on a regular basis by them fellas? The internet further exposed the lack of interest by getting individuals to fall for the “click bait” trap every time! You know you won’t read regular news stories or even columns, but the mere fact that the title indicates a shred of controversy within the story, you feel compelled to click and comment.

So eager are they to take a writer to task and to “counter” the article that they’ve never read, they would use the exact same points that the writer made throughout the text. And we, READING their comments are left in a ball of confusion. Such a flaw often ends up with several individuals eating a few large slices of humble pie and wiping egg off their faces.

Happy to report though, that you likewise myself would not be cast in the hellish fire since we have read this Slouch from the Couch.

Have a great weekend and God bless.

Scady. P

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