Facebook ‘Likes’ Don’t Mean S***t!

Ever notice how when you post something controversial online, people just flocking your page like is free food you giving? #NotificationsOnFleek!

But that eh nothing yet… you know when it’s even a bigger deal? When “popular” people on Facebook post these photos or statuses: gasa, over 400 or 800 ‘likes’ ee, meanwhile, you’re struggling to get a lil 50 likes on your post. (That’s okay sis, we can’t all be popular).

How about when girls post photos of iiimmmpy skimpy outfits? Boy fellas double tapping quick! Comment, and head straight to the dms after. (You know the drill).

Today, the focus is not on the ‘likes’ itself, rather, the lack thereof.

You never see those long statuses on Facebook? When “popular” people post a whole chapter on their lives, or some serious food for thought… or… a link to ‘Go Fund Me’, iTunes, or, just ask for a minute of your time.

Alluh y’all (or most I should say) running away like y’all eh want to be no part of that! Y’all ain’t slick…

I tired of telling people they don’t have “fans” on Facebook. A few supporters, yes, may zort pa knee fans!! Choops. You mean to tell me you can get 300 likes on most of your posts, but when it’s for something important, these same people cyah hit ‘like’?

Question: will these “fans” show up to that event you asked them to attend? Will they buy your music on iTunes? Will they comment on a post when you really need them to?

The reality is a number of persons on social media don’t care enough to offer their support. Some people think you’re acting like you’re ‘famous’ when in reality you’re ‘not’. Others feel like you ‘tried it’ with those requests and others just don’t care at all. (Gasa after these ppl does get me vex! Lol)

Don’t get me wrong, there are people who will root you on and who will support you in whatever way they can, but if you’re looking for loyalty on s.m… hmm, maybe if you’re lucky.

That does not mean you should stop posting content that don’t receive ‘likes’. If what you’re contributing is significant, in time, you will get there. My thing is: don’t fall for the hype.  A lot of people are easily fooled by ‘likes’ and sometimes set themselves up for disappointment.

Also: Facebook likes don’t really count if you’re not getting paid! It looks nice, sure, and can also indicate if you’re good at something or not. (It’s not all bad). But just cuz Suzi getting 700 ‘likes’ on her pic and you only got 30 doesn’t mean you’re not pretty.

And as for that popular dude?How you have 17k followers and only getting 200 ‘likes’ on all your posts!?Boy bye! Bayteeze!

Backseat Driver

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