Getting the Right Angle

It’s time for us to get off that beaten path once again and venture into the unknown. No, we’re not looking for that untouched location for a never-before-seen money shot, we are searching for the guys and girls who bring these images to life. Welcome to Views and this weekend thelight is on a bright young man with a saccharine smile.

Omar describes himself as a free spirited twenty two (22) year old with a calm demeanorexcept when Soca hits-“because at that point no fete is safe.” He has a passion for fitnessand he jumps at any chance to be involved in a sport, his favourite sportsbeing volleyball and martial arts.

Image of Omar


How did he find himself behind a camera? Let’s find out!

How did you develop an interest in photography?

Omar: This interest came about when I was given the task at school to create an advertisement for a project. At the time a camera phone would not cut it for the professional look and feel that I envisioned, and also the iPhone 3g camera was horrible (which is what I owned). Then I got my hands on a DSLR camera and adjusting the settings on it and how complex shooting a photo/video can be is what got me interested in photography.

Which photographers influenced you, and how did they influence your thinking and photographing?

Omar: Royan Descartes- was the photographer and will continue to be the number 1 (one) photographer that I look up to solely for his amazing ability to convey a story through photos.

Jesse and James (Wavemaker) – how innovative they are in bringing new ideas and trends to the photography community, the great minds who initially made drone photography a thing in St. Lucia.

Kareem (Meerakulos) and Jonathan Philip- the best portrait photographers I would say in St. Lucia. Their ability to bring emotion to life through portraits are just beyond this world.

Belle Portwe’ and Allen Chery- the wedding gurus who make outsiders feel like they were a part of the wedding and brides relive their special day through photos.

Each photographer mentioned, and how they dominate in their field, has influenced me and how I look at photography.

 How has being a photographer influenced your way of life?

Omar: I was not always an outspoken individual, but through photography it gave me the confidence to express myself, be a social butterfly and grow creatively in what I love the most and that’s story telling.

 What do you want to say or portray with your photographs, and how do you get your photographs to tell that story?

Omar: My goal when going through the process of creating a photo, from shooting to the final touch in editing, is how I can get someone to say “wow”, or get a person to feel some sort of emotion whether it’s being happy, sad or even angry rather than it being “just another nice photo”. My scenery and subject must complement each other, which is how I tell my stories. I’m never satisfied with what I call “snapshots; the image must have an emotional impact or portray beauty which I would consider out of this world.

 What technology/software/camera gear do you use to keep focused on what you do best, as you photograph?

Omar: I use a Nikon D750, an 85mm lens, 24-105mm lens, Lightroom and Photoshop.

 How long have you been involved in the photography industry and what motivates you to take photos?

Omar: I have been doing photography for 3 years now. It’s all about the story and emotion that I can relay through my photography. I worked at Sandals taking photos on an 8 hour shift and would still book a photoshoot before or after work because I generally love the creative process. My goal for the next photo that I take is for it to be better than my last, and that is enough to keep me motivated.

 What are three things you would hate to forget when you are on shoot?

Omar: My 85mm! This lens is my child and is on every shoot. I’m a bit of a Soca/music junkie so a phone, laptop, mp3 or any device with music is a must on any shoot of mine, we jammin’ for the entire shoot. And last but not least a smile 😀

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