Motherhood: A Guide For Young Moms

Image of Kaedence Caiyre Adolph

Kaedence Caiyre Adolph

Meet Shernela Casey Adolph. This 21-year-old is the winner of our Valentine’s Day giveaway and mom to 8-month-old Kaedence Caiyre Adolph. As part of her gift, the young mom received a feature in the YO! and today, she has a message for young moms like herself: life does not stop just because you’re a mom.

Mom Talk with Shernela

I’ve been a mom for the past eight months and it has been the best months of my life. When I stare into those beautiful dark brown eyes, and see my daughter giggle and smile, I feel butterflies in my stomach. Today I want to be a voice for young moms out there who either got pregnant at an early age, or dropped out of school: I want to let you know that life has changed but it definitely hasn’t ended.

I don’t know why people assume that when a woman becomes a mom she loses her ability to become anything else: being a parent gives you motivation no one else understands.

N.B:At the end of the day you want to be a better person so your child can have all he or she needs, so you must work tentimes harder.

-Your circle of friends will probably change: You start to wonder if you want to hangout with people who get drunk by noon on weekdays because you want to set a good example for your kid.

Also:Some of your friends will not be able to handle your lifestyle, soyou might grow apart, but along the way you make new friends with other moms who have kids just like yours.

  • You give up a lotbut you get so much in return
  • You learn to budget
  • Balancing a career and motherhood is empowering
  • It is OK to ask for advice if you need it
  • You still enjoy life
Image of Kaedence Caiyre Adolph

Kaedence Caiyre Adolph

Lessons you learn:

  1. Raising a child is difficult regardless of how old you are, but one thing’s for sure: you learn how to balance responsibilities and have patience.You will be surprised by how much patience you acquire when you have a child of your own.
  2. Time flies. It is of the essence when you’re a parent.In the blink of an eye, your baby is not so little anymore. Soon they no longer need you to change their diapers and you won’t have to remind them to brush their teeth.
  3. Money doesn’t growon trees.We don’t realize it until we are financially responsible for someone else’s present and future.

What I enjoy most about being a mom: watching my daughter bloom because every moment is an adventure.  She has also taught me how to be kinder, sweeter, gentler and more rational.

One Misconception: Your dreams have to end because you got pregnant.

As I come to a close, I just want to say this to all single high school dropout moms who feel like there is no hope after having a child:life does not stop here. Having a little human being that you prioritize as much as yourself,who completely relies on you for everything and who is also a source of joy, pride and laughter,but also sometimes a frustration, is a relationshipthat is almost hard to put into words. Somehow, however, it is above all others.You have someone who will show you what love is all about and you won’t be alone when you always have them at your side.These gems make you want to go harder in life because you’re doing it all for them and you will always have a reason to go on when you look into their helpless eyes.

Remember: If you want to be a doctor, nurse or teacher, go for it! If you want to own your business someday, boss up!It’s not the end of the road and it only get better with time. Let’s be the best mothers we can be and raise our children in the best way possible. Give them to God and always say a prayer in your heart for them because this world is not an easy place, but with God as the centre of it all,it will be okay.


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