Nancy Celestin: Designer, Fashionista, Dreamer

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Nancy Celestin

I stumbled on Nancy Celestin’s Instagram profile by chance perhaps, and was grateful that I did. A 23-year-old designer from Vieux Fort, Nancy, I discovered, was as talented as ever. I immediately reached out to Nancy, who readily agreed to an interview.

On Tuesday, March 6, we met. Like me, she had a small frame. Her kinky hair was pulled back into a sleek bun, displaying all her beauty. After pleasantries, we walked over to the YO! studio, making small talk along the way. Soon, we would get comfortable and a “shy” Nancy came out of her shell.

“I’m actually a really boring person,” she said laughing, adding that she enjoyed staying at home, reading and watching a good TV series.

“How long have you been a designer?” I asked.

“Officially, just a couple of months,” she responded.

“I love designing, drawing and sketching and I also like women’s fashion: how they dress and empower themselves. I married my love for art with fashion so that women can be stylish and feel empowered,” Nancy added.

At her alma mater, (Vieux Fort Comprehensive Secondary School), she pursued Science;hence, her interest in the area was somewhat puzzling.

Like many self-taught designers, she started off on YouTube, and browsed through books when she needed answers.

The young designer has created a number of outfits (too many to recollect!) and has even made special wear for pageants, most recently ‘Miss Volunteer South’.

“I created an outfit for a contestant and it was made solely out of sand, seashells, streamers and gems. It was a huge challenge: opening my mind and thinking of innovative ways to make the dress look like fabric, even though it was not,” the curly haired beauty said.

Nancy has also worked alongside respected local designer Sharleen Lagon.

“She was working with a carnival band and I was assisting her,” she said, explaining that she ‘tried her luck’ after a friend told her that the designer needed an assistant. She worked with her for eight months.

“I learnt a lot working with carnival costumes and will definitely pursue this in the future again,” she said.

A full time designer, Nancy explained that the job comes with many challenges.

Says Nancy: “Some days it’s stressful especially when you have no clients. I’m also a perfectionist so when something goes wrong, I start all over.”

“But it has its benefits,” she added quickly, sharing that it was always a pleasure to see customers in ‘Celés’.

This year, she will participate in Courts’ ‘Fashionista’ Competition.

“I’m tackling Courts’ Fashionista Competition for the last time,” she said.

“I participated in the very first competition and was really sick then. I designed the dress and I made someone sew it and that turned out to be a really bad idea. The second time was in 2016 and still, I did not succeed. This year I’m taking my ‘Alexander McQueen’ and I’m going for the win,” she stated emphatically.

In May, she will participate in Girls of a Feather’s ‘Models and Mimosas’ Fashion Show.

Nancy also hopes to showcase her work on the big stage one day. For her, this is just the beginning of a fruitful journey.

Though she did not take school as seriously as she should have,she admitted, she is now on the right path.

“I lost myself in a way, but afterwards I discovered myself and what I actually wanted to do,” Nancy said.

She continued: “I want to take over the world and I also want to expand my business to a point where I create jobs for others.”

Once a bakery employee, Nancy is now her own boss.

Want to rock Nancy’s creations? Contact the designer!

Tel: 584-3424

Instagram: celesdesigns, celes._,

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