Period Blues: Pimples!

P.S. Junk Food Doesn’t Help

We get this thing called our “period” every month. Big deal right? (Sarcasm, you guessed it). On top of that, some of us get cramps, diarrhea, hot and cold flashesand we throw up too! But you know what the worst thing isfor some? Period pimples. Giant bumps which seemingly appear out of nowhere, and land comfortably on the face for everyone to see. On top of that they hurt: Ouch.

We hit the web for some help because like you, the girls at YO, just want some answers.

Know Your Cycle Well to Get Rid of Period Acne

Knowing your period cycle will aid you in taking care of your skin before it begins to break out. Keep your skin clean and also use a toner or a face wash with salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide which would de-grease and un-clog the pores, thus help in reducing period acnes.

Avoid Touching Your Face

By doing this, you are dragging dirt and bacteria from your hands to skin which could cause pimples. Keep your fingers off your face or wash your hands before touching your skin.

Eating Plenty of Vegetables Can Help

Vegetables not only help you stay healthy, but also help in preventing period acne.

Take Nutritional Supplements

Taking nutritional supplements can help prevent period acne. When you take these supplements in doses as recommended by your doctor, you can improve the overall appearance of your skin, along with clearing the period acne during your menstrual cycle.

Shower After Working Out

Plan your workout so you can clean up immediately afterwards. Otherwise, sweat buildup, bacteria, and oil produced during that barre class can mix to flare menstrual acne really quickly.

Herbal Remedies

Herbs are wonderful sources that would help to get rid of period acne. Ask your granny for the hook up!

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