Royalites xTreme’s Endangered

The importance of launching before the month of April to give revelers a large enough window to decide what band and section they would like to play mas in for 2018 proved a major reason for the early launch of the Royalites xTreme Carnival Band.

According to the band’s P.R.O, “RoyalitesxTreme would traditionally launch in the month of April, but our revelers agitated for an earlier launch this year and we happily obliged.” The band also stepped out of the comfort zone this year, opting to launch on the party boat The Pearl as opposed to their usual public press conference.

The Pearl known for its popular after-work limes on Wednesday and Friday made for the perfect backdrop as the band known for winning “Mas in the Move” and “Section of the Year” titles portrayed their 2018 theme before an appreciative audience.

Under a clear night sky and on an often calm sea, sections came from the bottom of the deck as the mistress of ceremony Fenner Williams, described each in full detail while exciting the crowd with options to jump with one of the best Carnival bands on the road.

As the deejay played the sounds of sweet Soca music from St. Lucia, Trinidad and Tobago, St. Vincent and Barbados, Royalites xTreme Carnival Band presented to the many who had set sail with them, Endangered, their 2018 contribution to Saint Lucia’s Carnival celebrations.

Endangered consists of eight sections (Tiger, Ceylon Butterfly, Rainforest, Artic Melt (Ice), MaasaiWarrior, Golden Peasant and Coral Reef) four of which include both male and female. A new addition and one that immediately caught our eye is the availability of elaborate head pieces for male revelers.

The Royalites xTreme Carnival band considers itself a band that revelers of all generations could play mas’ together as they continue to be stylish, dynamic and creative. The band also pledged to continue nurturing young talented St. Lucian designers, artisans and artistes as they continue to play their part in ensuring that the Saint Lucian carnival legacy lives on.

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