Too Many Models in Saint Lucia?

I’m sure the headline caught your attention right away. #ClickBait! Lol, but on the real though, if you’re a regular social media user, you would’ve noticed that many people complain about the amount of models in Saint Lucia. And photographers. And DJs. And DJs who are also singers. (You get the gist).

At one point, it looked like “modelling agencies” were emerging left, right and centre as well as so-called “models”. Child, everybody and their mama was a model in Saint Lucia and proudly displayed that in their Instagram bios. Even I was starting to think it was ‘tew much’ and that we were short on careers. “You don’t look like a model though,” and “just because you say you’re a model, doesn’t make you one.” (The shade).

As for the photographers, many thought that guys were becoming photographers just to see girls get naked in front of their “lens”. (Touchy topic, I know).

And as for the DJs… “Playing ‘All I Do Is Win’ at every fete does NOT make you a TOP DJ! If one more person asks me to put my hands uppp!!!” Also FYI: “Playing ‘Palance’ and every popular Soca track as well as every song on the Billboard Hot 100 chart does not make you a DJ” (These are Facebook statuses by the way).

Facebook users were sick and tyad of people who were acting like they knew it all.

You aren’t a DJ, you chose that career so you could get popular… you can’t sing, or ‘ride a riddim’ (some of y’all at least) you’re just screaming on a track and you’re totally off beat too. And mate real feel he have style too… weh.

Lol. I’m starting to view things differently however. Yes, we have ‘a lot of models’ in Saint Lucia. But they’re not hurting anyone and besides more “IG” photos for us to like right? Seriously, some just do it because they like it, others actually want to take it seriously and there are those who get into it for the wrong reasons. Hopefully, girls who get into modelling, (and individuals who delve in any area for that matter) do it because they want to and not just for the likes. Also: you don’t have to get naked to be a model.

People complain about the amount of DJs who have songs now, but I say let the guys branch out. After all, 98% of these tracks are good. Shout out to Hollywood HP for ‘In De Bay’ and Sir Lancealot for ‘Water Powder’ (and all those other monster tracks). If the songs weren’t good, I’d say call it a day, but di fellas have talent oui.

Now there are photographers who get into photography for all that comes with it and not because they love it. #NotAGoodLookFam But there are those who genuinely love photography: telling a story with a picture and bringing a photo to life. (Don’t crucify all of them).

And whatever you do in life, remember: “dweet fi di loves, nah dweet fi di likes!”


  1. Photographer Reply

    how was this article even published. this is so ridiculous saying there are too many models, djs and photographers. that’s like saying there are too many bus drivers. if someone is a teacher whether they’re good or bad at it they’re still considered a teacher. if someone is a writer, whether they suck and they’re great that person is still considered a writer. so if someone makes an income through photography then that is their occupation. st lucia is overflowing with fight down and negativity. there’s judgement in everything you do here. instead of comending individuals for having talent, skills and interests you prefer say there are too many. we have our morals mixed up

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