How You Want to Chat Me and You in the Passenger Seat? Endiskwayyyy!!!

So you’re walking down the road right…. Minding your business, (meanwhile checking to see if Sofia’s wearing that pink dress she wore last week) and all of a sudden a niceeee ride slow down by you and you think “Today is MY day. I’m gonna get me a rich boyfriend.”

Errrroookkss! Slow down! The fella in the driver seat eh care about you… it’s only his friend….. in the passenger seat. CHEEWWWPSS. And to think a smile was coming on your face already.

“You see I interested in you?!” You tell the friend angrily. He curses you and tells you, that’s why you walking and no man eh want you. Bahahahaha. Ok, jkkkk.

But seriously people, I just want to say today is the day that you have to give the men in the passenger seat a chance! La-orrrwww di man! It’s 2018 and it’s time for us to open our minds.

No, the friend in the passenger isn’t an automatic “loser”. Chillll sis. In 2025, dude just may be starting up his own business and flexing on you with his shiny new ride. But imma add that you shouldn’t date people for material things. It’s what’s inside that counts: this is why I’m telling ya’ll the man in the passenger seat isn’t always a loser. C’mon now sis, this just may be the man of your dreams.

Ladies in 2018, we’re slowing down for fellas too you know… aa, what ya’ll feel? Man we have evolved! (Lol, jkk, we’re not so trusting yet).

Now I know a lot of women hate the idea of getting the friend in the passenger seat. Gasa having a man with a ride just makes things a whole lot easier. You eh have to worry about how y’all getting home cuz there are no more buses on the stand (it rough for real) and you can just enter the ride and go wherever you want (I hope you’re giving him gas money too sis) ting just niceee.

But in life, we don’t always get what we want. Furthermore, lorve is lorve, you check. It shouldn’t be about the brand new whip, and the money he gives you, or that new phone. It should be about taking the bus, and walking the rest of the stretch to the movies in the hot sun cuz you in lorveeeee, you check?! #DohMindDem they real want your bae lol. Show off your PA11 my girl…

Now FYI, doh just allow any fella that slow down and calls u “nice girl” to enter your life sis or any fella you spot by a nice car in di bay (only to discover he’s not the driver…) be careful out there sis! Because some of them are losers for real!! In general: be careful with who you go out, cuz these dayssssss!! It eh easy!!!

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