Last week I went to church…

Last week I went to church after my mother (nearly!) yanked me out of bed and I have to say I got my Jesus, amen, yas! Lol, I have to admit as much as I love God, I always look for an excuse when I have to attend church—my mother constantly reminds me that she’s “praying for me” and that I should make a great effort to attend church after all God has done for me. (Mothers, where would we be without them?)

For some reason, I always assume church will be long and boring. Growing up, it always seemed that way didn’t it? However, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve discovered that I thoroughly enjoy the sermons and don’t drown out the sound of the pastor’s voice anymore. Still, I avoid church! (Baffling, isn’t it?) Now I know there are people who are wondering how can I say I love God when I avoid church? I don’t blame you for posing the question.

This, I think, stems from the idea that one can accomplish so much more when they don’t attend church. Think about it: when you skip church, you get to sleep in after a long week, have a long breakfast, catch up on your favourite shows, and more importantly do those house chores that seemingly take forever. After you’ve done so, you can cook and get some much needed “me time” if you’re lucky. Sounds like the perfect Sunday (or Saturday) right?

On Sunday, I discovered I would’ve missed out on so much, if I skipped church, yet again. I am so grateful that I did not and I think my mother’s prayers that Sunday morning, just may have something to do with it.

The theme for the service was ‘breakthrough’ and as the pastor discussed the trials of life, and how one’s faith can be tested, I found myself grabbing on to his every word, nodding in agreement and shouting (along with the rest of the congregation) when something really resonated with me. By the end, I was in tears because Lord knows, I needed a breakthrough in my life, and the theme was so, so fitting. By the looks of it, I was not the only one in dire need of a breakthrough. As I scanned the area, I realized so many others were crying tears of joy, hurt and pain: they too were in the right place.

To some, we (those of us who are going through tough times and who yield to the Spirit) may look like crazy people, but that’s okay: only you and the Lord know what you’re going through. Cry your heart out when you must and talk to Jesus, despite what people may think or say.

Even I too, hesitated for an instant, but I brushed the thought off quickly as this was only getting in the way of my progress. Already, I was connecting with God so deeply and the minute I started wondering what the people in the back pew or “that guy who knows me,” thought, I started straying. I firmly reminded myself that this was between God and me and reconnected.

Next Sunday God willing, I should be seated in the house of the Lord once more, and at the foot of Heaven’s door.

Have a good weekend all.

Sincerely, always,

Rae A.

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