One More Reason to ‘Kiss And Makeup’!

Image of Hermia Sylvien

Hermia Sylvien loves what she does. For this make-up artist (MUA), there are a million reasons to ‘Kiss And Makeup’ (and a million ways too) and she’s eager to help you look your best. In the interview below, Hermia tells us all about the ‘Kiss And Makeup’ experience.

Side note: It’s worth it! 

YO: How long have you been a MUA?

H.S: I’ve been a MUA officially, for about a year now. Initially, my business started off as an online, cosmetic store, but since rebranding, makeup artistry has been my new focus.

YO: What inspired ‘Kiss And Makeup’?

It was really something I wanted to do since 2015. I realized that I really loved makeup and its application when done properly and wanted to provide the ladies on island another avenue which made getting their products super easy. I also knew that I no longer wanted to work for anyone else and that I wanted to pursue my own business. I was totally scared and put it on the back burner for a bit, until I became unemployed. My aunt suggested that I give it a shot, since I now had all this free time on my hands, since she knew that it was something that I wanted to do.

I can safely say, that she was the person who made me believe that I could do all of this.

YO: What’s your favourite make-up look and why?

H.S:My favourite looks are natural glams. I love the soft sophisticated look that it gives and the way it allows you to focus on how beautiful the client’s skin actually looks. I think it’s classy, chic and elegant and I absolutely love it, especially when paired with some great lashes! Don’t get me wrong, more vibrant looks are great, but those that are a tad softer, and executed well, always have me in awe.

YO: Let’s talk carnival. What are your plans for the season?

H.S:This year, I’m really just aiming to have more clients than I did last year…and that’s for the entire carnival season. I feel like the name ‘Kiss And Makeup’ is starting to pick up when it comes to makeup artistry and I’m really excited to see where and how far that takes me. I am also excited for Carnival Monday and Tuesday, as I really want to ensure that my revellers have an experience with me before they actually go on the road.

YO: What’s one misconception about the make-up industry?

H.S:One misconception that really gets to me is that some people assume that wearing makeup means that you are too insecure to leave your house without it and that you ‘need’ it to look or feel pretty. I think that a lot of people wear makeup to accentuate certain features of their face that they ‘do’ like and not necessarily to cover features that they don’t like.

YO: Describe your ideal work environment.

H.S:  My ideal work environment is one where there is just good vibes, great energy and everyone is focused on their personal goal or where we’re all focused on one common goal, one where people encourage each other, versus trying to tear each other down and where one’s accomplishments are celebrated instead of hated on. Oh! And one where there’s music! I’ve found that I enjoy doing makeup even more when there’s music playing, especially soca, and I’ve realized, that my clients like it too! So, they already know, when you’re coming to ‘Kiss and Makeup’, it’s pure vibes and great energy when you get there. I aim to offer an ‘experience’, and not just to do someone’s makeup.

YO: What’s the best thing about what you do?

H.S: The best thing is the flexibility and peace of mind that it gives me. I quite enjoy not having to stress over deadlines or tasks that I need to accomplish for the day and really just doing something that I actually like.

YO: What’s at the top of your list of accomplishments?

H.S: My biggest accomplishment thus far is actually starting ‘Kiss And Makeup’. Growing up, our parents always tell us to study hard and get our degrees so that we can have a good job when we’re older. All of that is great, but for a long time, I actually did not know what I wanted to do with my life. I went to school, got jobs that I liked, created short term goals and achieved all of them but ‘Kiss And Makeup’ is something that I did for me. That makes me feel like I have accomplished something that I truly value and enjoy.

YO: What’s one thing you hope to cross off your ‘to-do’ list?

H.S: Wow. I have so many. One of those, I will say, is to finally launch my website where persons can book their appointments at their own convenience….it’s coming…soon.

YO: Why should someone come to ‘Kiss And Make Up’?

H.S: ‘Everyone’ should come to Kiss And Makeup to get a face beat that they’ll be comfortable with, something which will enhance your features and not necessarily hide them. It’s not just a place where you come and go, I also aim to create an experience with all of my clients where you feel comfortable and will actually want to come back. And of course, create a look for you, which will still let you feel like yourself but the ‘Rolls Royce’ version lol.

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