People are criticizing Cristiano Ronaldo

“In professional football, there are always going to be critics, you see people are criticizing Cristiano Ronaldo and he’s at the pinnacle. Every day in every single walk of life, you can do something good and people will have something bad to say about you. You just get on with it and do your job as best you can.”

These are the words of Arsenal forward Danny Welbeck and said after he missed one of the easiest chances on goal in a match that ultimately saw the Gunners win with “Welbz” scoring the winner and making up for his horrific miss.

Truer words couldn’t have been said better and this weekend our focus is on the importance of handling criticism. Some of us can’t deal with the pressure that comes with criticism and at times we feel it is unwanted. Now, it is okay to feel that way but we must not fall into the trap that usually accompanies self-pity – procrastination.

“Oh they think they can do a better job than me?” “Let them do it then!” The first and second words that come to mind after being on the receiving end of some old fashion “hate”. It does nothing to alleviate the situation; what it does is prove your critiques right. Giving up the reigns to a critique or going on a go slow can actually backfire on you. Allowing someone to do your job can go two ways the person attempts and fails or their end result is an awe-inspiring job which can potentially render you redundant.

Whenever we’re criticized no matter how much the lashes sting, we must take it on the chin and carry on with our day- to- day activities. Put our best foot forward at all times and cancel out the noise around us. Now-a-days we are too focused on the acceptance of others and we don’t focus too much on how we accept ourselves.

Every day is a fresh start for us all and an opportunity to make ourselves the pinnacle of our community. However, that will only occur if we strive to be the best and persevere.

That’s all for me this weekend ya’ll!

Have a great weekend and God Bless.

Scady, P

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