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A wise footballer once said that “success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.” These words are soundly echoed by one of Saint Lucia’s most popular Dennery Segment artistes. His approach to the music industry is still that of a student learning from a professor. “The music business is tricky and one must always have patience when doing music, maintain a good personality, and be consistent with your music and always stay connected with your fans/supporters.”

He currently has arguably one of the biggest hit singles (Rev It Up) on the airwaves and in the clubs right now. Cooyah in the building! You know who is about to take the stage when you hear these four words, but just how much do we know about the guy who is known to rock the stage in a group with the “GANG!” or by himself?

Chopin Ridge’s (straight out of Barre Denis) KendalPoliusor as he is more commonly referred toCooyahfyah (yes you read right the name has changed from Cooyah to Cooyahfyah)always had a love and passion for music. He tracks the love affair through his family tree bringing cassettes and records along for the journey. “Music, it’s been in my family’s genes, my elder cousins are well known musicians and are part of the band African Roots $Energy”. He recalled the band practicing everyday right next to my home and vividly remembers waking up and going to bed in music.

His first major solo hits were the remixes to D.J. Bravo’s Champion on the (CulaCulaRiddim) and DextaDapps’ ShabbaMudda Pot which showcased his ability to rock the mic in both English and Kweyol. “The ShabbaMudda Pot I voiced (recorded) in Kweyol and my producer actually had to rebuild that riddim because it was very difficult to get the original itself so big up Ransomrecordz.” He recalled the official release day of the champion song remix. “It was released the same day Sammy and the team flew in from winning the Cricket World Cup. The song went viral pretty fast because it was playing throughout the whole motorcade all around the island and was being shared all over Social media.” If they didn’t know who Cooyahfyah was then after that island- wide celebration with the history making Captain Daren Sammy, they sure did.

Cooyahfyah is adamant on being consistent with releases and isn’t afraid of experimenting with different genres; as a result he has released material with influences in the Dancehall, Soca, Lucian Kuduro, Rap, Reggae, and Rhythm and Blues. He has since collaborated with fellow artistes Subance, Exodus, Kadijah, Messi, Stinger, and Reckless Gang.  “I try my best to do professional music that’s not too comical, music people can relate to. Image is very important , the way you carry yourself, if you striving to be a star you should play your part and look like a star.”

His determination to excel in an industry that has made many stars know no bounds. He knows the blueprint and he has studied the plans. “Hard work, determination, motivation and always say to yourself you will make it one day, don’t ever give up,” are some of the daily constant reminders he gives to himself. His headstrong attitude can be attributed to his father, Livity, who is also a massive figure in the island’s music industry.  The band leader /vocalist and mentor received heaps of praise from his son and is also credited in pointing him in the right direction.  “I was going down the wrong path in life and I see music as a way out and having a dad as a band leader /vocalist/mentor, helped steer me into the right direction big up (Livity).”

Now Cooyahfyah is the one dropping the knowledge on young, up and coming artistes. His advice is simple and very easy to follow “if you are a very stubborn person your career won’t last that long, you are never too old to listen and stay humble.”

The Barre Denis native also lamented on the need for more government support to assist the artistes in marketing their music and he firmly believes that with the worldwide exposure the Dennery Segment is receiving the time is ripe for growth.  “Assistance in getting our visas so we can take trips to promote our culture” was one of the suggestions made by the “Rev It Up” hit maker.

He sees longevity in the business and is resolute to succeed not just for himself and his family but also for his country, similarly to the subject of his very first hit song.

** Fun Facts about Cooyahfyah

He is also known as the Black Amigo

Before the music he sold CDs, DVDs and Clothes (still the hustle)

Would love to work with female artistes like Gigi, Flawless, Kisha

Enjoys the simple life outdoor adventures, fishing, crab hunting, soocer

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