Trust and belief in yourself

Trust and belief in yourself is something that not too many of us are blessed with. For the vast majority, it is a trait we often wish was inherited from err, I don’t know, Enoch? We often second-doubt ourselves and even when we have completed the task to perfection we scold ourselves into doubt asking; “Was it good enough or do you think they will like it?”

So how did you get to that stage in your life? I am sure your parents may have a few stories about your baby years and the things they would say to you, the 2018 version of yourself would be scared stiff. Those daredevil examples of you climbing the refrigerator to get the box of cereal or you climbing out of your crib to go play with the animals outside almost sounds foreign to you and that they were made up. But it isn’t because you believe it or not; when you are younger and you have not fully grasped the essentials about danger, nothing can stop you.

Your fearless and carefree attitude come into question when you have been told what to fear. Doubting yourself? Well that is down to confidence in one’s own abilities and most times we believe we can’t do it the way someone else does. That is true, because as history would prove, no two individuals have ever produced an identical body of work. Somewhere along the road to production, even though an idea is copied (it is wrong don’t do it) the end product is never the same as the original.

That’s the beautiful thing about the world and the people who we engage with on a daily basis. Yes, your idea may not be the jackpot of all ideas, but it still is unique and worth you sharing. One person can’t be the supplier of all the cool notes and projects, you can and should be brave enough to believe that you have what it takes to make a ground breaking contribution whenever you’re called upon.

Staying quiet in the back of the class will only leave you behind. Get up and be active. Don’t allow the fear of being laughed at to stop you from ascending to your plateau of greatness, because if it’s not you then who?

Have a great weekend ya’ll and God bless.

Scady. P

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