Whenever I pray, I ask God for a million and one things

Whenever I pray, I ask God for a million and one things: “guide me”, “protect me”, “protect my family,” “don’t give up on me,” etc. I also thank Him for all He has done: His countless blessings, protecting me every single day of my life, the joy He gives me and so much more.

I also find myself praying for the things I may not see: situations that may arise in the future that may test my faith in God in a BIG WAY. Deep down inside, I know that I’m scared to pray for these things because it’s like talking about death… you think if you speak about it too much, you’re calling it. (Ahh… the human mind).

Still, I pray about the unforeseen: if it is God’s wish for me to go through certain situations,that I go through it with faith, trusting my MAKER, knowing that no matter how bleak things get, that He is right there at the end of the line waiting for me.

Sometime last week I was low in spirits and suddenly I came across a post that made my heart ache so badly, but at the same time, I knew it was only a matter of time… only a matter of time till God’s love prevailed.

A few years ago someone told me a story about a child who had gotten ill. A malicious act had changed the child’s life entirely and it seemed like the child’s condition would never improve. The child got older and did not get better. Today that child is now an adult and is recovering very, very slowly.

The signs of the act are blatant as ever and as soon as persons looked the individual’s way, they would know something was wrong. I would cross paths with the individual later in life, but at the time, I did not know it.

Years later I found myself praying for the individual fervently. Not once, not twice, but repeatedly. I still do. I genuinely believe that one day the individual will have a powerful testimony to share with the world and this is because of the individual’s astounding level of faith. After speaking to the individual years ago, I was moved.

The individual and I are not friends. Still I pray and will continue to pray for this person’s victory.

I also found myself praying for a complete stranger not too long ago. The individual had suffered a great loss and as I tried to wrap my head around the individual’s fate, I prayed. Then it hit me: you never know who is praying for you.

My message this weekend: don’t give up the fight no matter how hard it gets. God’s love can turn your world into a much better place, if you make room for Him. You may not have the answers: you may not know when the fight is going to end and why God is allowing you to go through this, but if you believe, if you trust in your wonderful Father, He will see you through. Trust me! I have some amazing testimonies myself! (Remember some smiles have incredible stories behind them…)

Have a wonderful weekend all.

Sincerely, always,

Rae A.

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