Where’s The Respect?!

“Scady, I eh talking to mate again, the man report me to the teacher as they make him prefect!”These were the words of two of my friends from the community as I attempted to quell a beef that had been going on for a few months now.

Now, how many of us are guilty of finding it difficult to accept correction from a friend or family member in authority? How dare my bestie tell me what to do?! We sometimes think before we reluctantly comply with the individual’s “demands” even if the so called command never came out as a direct order. The age of critics has made taking one’s advice almost taboo; we think the person is simply condescending, trying to show off or down right annoying. We don’t often take into consideration that the person has our best interest at heart and more often than not we are in dire need of said guidance.

In a previous Slouch I covered reasons why being respectful was important in our everyday life so I won’t go through it again. However, what I neglected to cover was the reason why so many of us find it difficult to respect our peers who have ascended to an authoritative role in class, in a group or the household. Teacher left your friend in charge of the class and you automatically think that is a pass for you to do as you please without any repercussion.

Sadly, that’s not how your friend sees it and when you are reported you feel aggrieved to the point that friendship ties are severed and separate ways are taken.

But it is you who are at fault and not your friend. Why would you even put your friend in that type of situation to begin with? When a responsibility is entrusted to anyone, it isn’t because the person is liked but rather a leadership quality and reasonable amount of responsibility has been identified in that person.

I have seen many instances where best friends become bitter enemies because one didn’t respect the other enough to separate friendship from “business”. One just couldn’t fathom the thought of the other being in command and as a result refuse to adhere to simple requests. It doesn’t take  rocket science to see what is lacking in that friendship; respect is a very big word and in our society without it we are just a bunch of lost sheep trying to find our shepherd.

If you respected you friend enough you would have never put him in a situation where he had to choose between your friendship and your teacher’s confidence in him to do a job.

As the two boys and I continued down the road of respect, the two were able to finally bury the hatchet, apologies were made and a friendship restored.

Good way to start the weekend.

Have a good one ya’ll and God bless.


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