White and Cold as Snow

Hair as black as ink,
Her dress as white as clouds,
Skin as fair as silk,
And lusciously golden brown.
Lips as red as a rose,
Eyes as bright as the morning sun,
But her gaze is distant and cold,
It’s too late for you to run.
Hypnotized by her presence,
Standing in the burning cold,
Frozen by her beauty,
Surrounded by ice and snow.
She hums a bittersweet tune,
Instantly lulled by her voice,
Enticed by her words,
Under the spell of her song.
Her victims lay to waste,
Buried beneath her snow,
Beneath the beauty of this Queen,
Lies a weeping tortured soul.
Frozen in your tracks,
I find my next victim,
Under the spell of my song,
Another turns up missing.
Goodnight my Lovely’s 😉

By: Zhane’ Springer

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