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Meet Ruth Noel, an 18-year-old Sir Arthur Lewis Community College Travel and Tourism student and founder of ‘Youth Core’. Ruth, who has a passion for youth development, and who has been involved in various youth groups for years, finally started her own, as she wants to “create a platform for youth development in Saint Lucia.”

“It started off at school. I came from a school that did not get much recognition and my teachers always wanted me to represent the school at every single competition as I performed well,” Ruth, a graduate and valedictorian of Piaye Secondary School, said in an interview with YO! on Monday.

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Ruth Noel

“In form one I joined the student’s council at my school and from that time I never missed a position on the executive. I was my school’s head prefect and I was part of the Peer Helpers which is where the idea of ‘Youth Core’ came up,” she explained.

Ruth met a number of students through Peer Helpers, who, according to her, were labelled as ‘delinquents’.She soon realized that she wanted to represent these young persons and others like them.

“When you get to know their story you realize it’s not really their fault. They have a lot of talent but they don’t know how to express it and that is why I became more involved in youth development so I can be their voice,” the youth leader said.

‘Youth Core’, she explained, is for both students and past students.

“We have a lot of youth groups in Saint Lucia but most groups are for students. What about those students who have left school? They’re still young people out of school who have nothing to do and unless you’re really popular on Instagram or another social media platform, you don’t get to showcase your talent that well,” Ruth said.

Youth Core will provide young persons with an avenue to showcase their talent and will assist them in “any area”.The group will also host a number of workshops.

“Some people don’t even know how to write a résumé,” she stressed, adding that persons will learn the aforementioned, amongst other things.

She continued: “In ‘Youth Core’ we have many talented persons: artistes, painters, dancers and motivational speakers, for example, so we want to use them to work on other persons; we want to give the young people mentors.”

In February the group visited the Marian Home for the elderly where members spread love and joy; ‘Youth Core’ visited the St. Mary’s College shortly after.

“We brought cupcakes to the Marian Home on Valentine’s Day and we assisted the St. Mary’s College Young Leaders with their initiative for road safety and we plan on doing a lot more,” the young founder said.

She continued: “We also want to reward students who are working hard—those who have improved—we want to encourage them and recognize their accomplishments, so hopefully we can go to various schools and do so in the future.”

The group recently started a ‘Who are You’ campaign which focuses on highlighting others.

“Weinterview various persons and we post their talents onto our page. So far, we’ve interviewed three persons: 2018 Miss Independence Queen Kurnisha Augustus, singer and songwriter Lennie Lance Eranus Joseph and another individual,” Ruth shared.

Thirty eight members strong, ‘Youth Core’ is now four months old. With a drive for success fueled with a passion for youth development, ‘Youth Core’ intends to give nothing but their best.

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