Youth Festival

A number of young peoplegot the opportunity to showcase their talents and business thanks to a Youth Festival which was held on the Derek Walcott Square on Friday April 20. The festival which was held as part of Youth Month and was hosted by the St. Lucia National Youth Council (SLNYC) alongside the Department of Youth Development and Sports, commenced at 2:00 p.m. and from there on, it was clear that show would be an entertaining one.

‘The Square’ came alive with Spoken Word, song, dance and a rap battle, which undoubtedly, was the highlight of the show. Rappers went head to head as their skills were tested. As a beat was served by emcee ‘Scady’, rappers hopped on, displaying their level of creativity. Moments of spontaneity proved that most, if not all, knew their craft welland were able to deliver under pressure.

Entrepreneurs’ tents also caught the eye of attendees. There were many booths including ‘MakeupwithAlli’, ‘Next Gen Artistry’, ‘Bri’sShea Butter Hair Cream’ and ‘Earthnique Creations’.

According to the SLNYC, “the purpose of the Youth Festival is to engage young people of interest in non-conventional fields, to provide an avenue for the youth to express their talents and to provide opportunity for institutions with young persons as their target group, to give information about products and services.”

After a riveting rap battle, the show came to a close, with ‘Big Sea’ informing attendees that individuals could conquer the world with ‘Any Size’.

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