A “passion” for being hyperverbal?

Have you ever come across an individual who had a “passion” for being hyperverbal? Not that being talkative is a bad thing, but someone whom  you know, once a word comes from his/her mouth , would mean a fact checking spree that would probably last a few hours.

Now this may make you laugh but that was the very question I was asked a few weeks ago and it wasn’t until I was listening to a talk show that the word and scenario popped up in my head.  It has become somewhat of a known fact that most, if not everyone exaggerates a point or story to give it that extra weight or as we say, “sauce”.

However, when someone goes the extra mile with a hyperbole they slowly lose credibility among their peers and that in itself can lead to some very precarious situations. Let’s look at a few examples of how over exaggerating a situation can lead to unnecessary drama.

The age of social media has given us the ability to be whatever we want to be and as such many have chosen the illustrious job of a journalist. We see them daily with the accounts of situations that take place, from accidents to natural disasters, they are on it. Some, in their haste to be the first with the news and most like in a five minute span will fluff the story in order to get a reaction from their readers. Adding their own twist has been known to land a few in hot water with law enforcement as some have been called upon to give an account only to bow their head in shame as their entire story was made up.

Another example I came across and really I think we all are guilty of is called Catastrophizing. This is when we overestimate the importance of something that happens to us. (like I said we all are guilty!) How many times in the heat of the moment, things aren’t going the way we want to, we immediately deem the day as the worse day of our lives or call the situation the worse that has ever happened to me? Now think back at that same situation, didn’t we just make a big deal out of something that right now looks trivial?

My final example for the weekend is again something we are all guilty of. No shame, I am too. Hands up if you have ever jumped to conclusions before. Themotionmachine.com says that jumping to conclusions is what happens when we overestimate our knowledge about a situation and make a snap judgment. I know I have done that so many times that I have lost count. It all boils down to how much we THINK we know about a certain situation. Most times our knowledge of the event is so misguided that we don’t even stop to consider the smallest question, “do I have all the facts?”

That’s all for me this weekend ya’ll have a good one and God bless.


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