An xTreme Fantasy – 10 Years of Mas

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It is a tradition that dates back to 1966 on the streets of Notting Hill, in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. Just as we take to the city of Castries for our two days of mas in July; each August over the  bank holiday Monday and the preceding Sunday, the revellers gather in droves for one of the biggest parties on the planet (no exaggeration), Notting Hill Carnival.

The island of Saint Lucia also has written a bit of history on the streets of Notting Hill courtesy Xtreme Saint Lucia U.K. Carnival band.

Founded by Patsy Ritchie the band consists of some of St. Lucia’s most talented artists, artistes, D.J’s, promoters, designers and entertainers residing in the U.K. With a wealth of experience as an artist and designer and many accolades to her name, she is the band leader of arguably one of the hottest Caribbean bands on the road for the past ten years, Xtreme St. Lucia U.K.

The costume band comprises some of St. Lucia’s most talented artisans who came together with friends from the island residing in the United Kingdom to promote the island at the biggest festival in Europe.

From its humble beginnings in 2008, XtremeSt. Lucia U.K. has been a consistent participant at the Notting Hill Carnival parade continually ushering in new generations of carnival enthusiasts and carnival revelry aimed at everyone. With the dawn of a new era came a fresh and modern twist, with dynamic costumes, fun filled events and a massive road party in the only way they knew how to do it -Caribbean style.

The band promised then and continues to deliver an experience of a lifetime, providing not only spectacular costumes but a totally XTREME package with XTREME fun, XTREME entertainment and……..XTREME Carnival.

The costumes for this year’s celebrations are testament to the band’s evolvement since joining the fray. Their theme this year is ‘Fantasy Island’, a marvel that consists of seven sections catering to both male and female revellers from across the globe.

The sections include Underwater Glory, Hidden Treasure, Freedom Frontline, Island Vibes, The Guardians, Hedonism, and Bliss. The chic costumes will be accompanied by the hottest Deejays and guest performers to inculcate the party atmosphere on the road come Monday, August 27 as has been done in the past with the likes of Scady Dot P, Levi Chin and former Groovy Monarch and international sensation, Teddyson John,who have all made appearances on the road for the band.

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