But How Dem Chirren So Fast Nowadays

Looks like I’ll be ruffling some feathers this weekend with that topic boy! Sarsézaféou…

Lehme tell you I don’t know how these little children so fast these days! Tikakawat,ou par mem arponlékól!! Gasa I walking in town, I seeing all kinds of children in relationships, some even kissing in corner and ting and some right there in the streets in front of adults, they eh care. (No kind of respect!!) Now I eh have a problem with dating you know, once you’re old enough… but you see that ting about lil children getting involved in big people business… that eh sitting well with me at all!

Ou car weh tout manmay uh local porn… little children gasa, involved in sex already, meanwhile, their bodies barely developed. (As for that local porn thing, that’s for another show, I have to tackle that soon!)

That child sex ting eh right gasa.Take you’ll timeee! Some parentseh even care. Sometimes it’s after six already, their children still in town, they eh even know. Their daughters grinning for all kinds of men may yo par mem savsar. Now I’m not saying all these things can be prevented you know because some parents are strict with their children and still you seeing daughters pregnant at 15 and ting… too bad parents cyahgo with children everywhere…

At that age, parents are supposed to be involved in their children’s lives you check… ASK QUESTIONS.  YOU ALWAYS WANT TO ASK YOUR NEIGHBOUR HER BUSINESS BUT YOU EH ASKING YOUR CHILD THEIRS!“Where you come from at that hour?” “You say you going at Nicole’s home? Let me talk to Nicolemudda first!” “You said you would be back at 5:00 p.m.it’s 6:30 p.m. explain yourself.” “Where did you get that gold chain? I never gave you that.” “How did you get that mark on your arm?” “What’s that on your neck?” “Are you having sex?” ASK THE QUESTIONS PARENTS!! Sometimes they will lie, (yokwehyo on) but find out more. Doh wait to hear it on the street.

Now some parents will give their sons all kinds of freedom… mate walking in after 11: 00 p.m. Wholeee night he on the block or at the neighbour’s home, nutting for that! But the minute Sally comein at 7:00 p.m. issa problem! Nahhhh!!! Both of your children must have reasonable curfews,you’ll too so!

As for you’ll children, you’ll swear I’m a hater you know because you’ll swear is big you’ll big so. Wait till you have your children, oukieweh. (But that’s not my business though!!)

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