Da Big Bang

Competitive gaming is once again proving to be on the rise in St.  Lucia. After a successful trip to Guadeloupe last month, the St. Lucia gaming team set out to do battle against the Barbados team over at the Bay Gardens Hotel in Rodney Bay. With over $5000 in cash and prizes on the line, it proved to be an event worth competing in for both the casual and competitive gamers of St. Lucia alike. The tournament event, titled “Da Big Bang”, was hosted by the MosManiakal Gaming Company as they continue on their journey to create a market for competitive gaming in the greater Caribbean.

Team Barbados was invited by MMG to spend the weekend in St. Lucia as the foreign team had made it abundantly clear that they were aiming to lay waste  our local competitors. Their goal was to claim victory in a multitude of titles such as Dragon Ball Fighter Z, Super Smash Bros Wii U, Yugioh and League of Legends. The banter and hype cultivated friendly rivalries among the players belonging to both countries in the weeks leading up to the event which all came to  conclusion on the 22nd of April.

Photos by Lee & Gideon

St. Lucia claimed decisive victories in the many gaming events that were held on the weekend, proving to be stronger than ever in the face of our battle-hardened sister island. The St. Lucian League of Legends team “GG” which consists of Jermon Ephraim, and brothers, Keenan Henry and Kareem Henry, managed to secure themselves the gold after competing in a gruelling Round Robin tournament against a plethora of opposing player teams. This was the first League of Legends event of this calibre held in St. Lucia, and as such the events team encourages all League players to follow the MosManiakal Gaming’s social media pages in order to keep up to date with upcoming tournaments as the scene and the prizes continue to increase in size.

Over in Dragon Ball Fighter Z, Bradley Bailey claimed victory with fellow St. Lucians Carret Henry and Chance Williams,   following closely behind him in second and third place respectively. The trio displayed their excellence in the new gaming title against the Barbadians, managing to keep them away from a top three finish. The Yugioh competition had St. Lucia’s Dennis Murray and Sheldon Montoute coming in first and second respectively, leaving Barbados’ Keomal Powers with a respectable third place showing.

In the Super Smash Bros tournament the competition was much closer however, as Jovan Anthony managed to overcome Barbados’ top player Rick Knight in a close Grand Final set. After the country suffered devastating defeat in Smash Bros two years ago when Barbados swept the top three podium spots in St. Lucia, this victory marks a new era for St. Lucia’s gamers as the skill level continues to increase as time goes on.

Da Big Bang served as both an experience for spectators and gamers alike, as well as being an experimental event as the team prepares to host an even larger array of competitors with much more cash prizes on the line. The event cultivated an immense amount of excitement among both local and Barbadian players, proving once more that competitive gaming is here to stay in the Caribbean. The MosManiakal Gaming team would  like to take the moment to thank its sponsors for making the event possible: The Ministry of Youth & Sports, Lucelec, Heineken,Flow, Domino’s Pizza, Prestige Insurance and Winners TV. The team would also like to announce that it aims to host St. Lucia’s next major gaming tournament ”Faded”, which will be held at a later date this year.

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