It is the calm after the storm
Or is the calm before the storm
Nevertheless there is calm
Emotionless and drained I face the day
Dried and shriveled like a raisin
Like the day
It is puzzling
Yet I am ready to face whatever may come
Though I am armorless
I feel strong
Like the breeze floating through this balmy day
Cool caressing and calm
Playing it’s part in the grand scheme of things
As I sit alone and hidden
But not lonely
Trying to think
But my brain is on a vacation
Functioning only to keep the body alive
Puzzling me
But I smile
Because this is good
There is peace
I see the balmy day
Feel the cool breeze
Hear the birds through my headphones
I am awake and aware
A silent thank you to God.

By: Aleah Charlemagne

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