Going Solo: Disbandment Just May Be the Next Best Thing in 2018

Image of Camila Cabello

Camila Cabello

Parting ways with Fifth Harmony was the best thing that ever happened to Camila Cabello. For the members of One Direction, going solo was their best bet. Fans of the Migos (some at least) have long concluded that if the trio were to break up, ‘head honcho’ Quavo would be the most successful of them all but these fans may have to wait a while to get an answer, because our favourite rap trio’s not going anywhere, anytime soon.

Camila Cabello/Fifth Harmony– In her Fifth Harmony days, Camila Cabello was the obvious fan favourite. Whilst Camila lead by the millions on social media, her fellow bandmates lagged behind. At shows, the ‘Havana’ star was greeted to ear-piercing screamsand though her former sisters received love from fans, it was never the same. (No pun intended.) I, personally, never got the Camila appeal, till now. Clearly, disbandment worked for Camila, because now I can see all her rays as well as millions of others. The star acquired millions of new fans in the process and now that she’s on her own, the former 5H member can gift the universe with the music she wants to make.It’s one hundred times better than the pop-manufactured sound that Fifth Harmony’s label (Epic Records)tried to shove down our throats—sure, a good pop record is good, but nonstop music that’s laced with candy is never a good idea. #EpicFail (Pun intended!)

Her debut album ‘Camila’ was welcomed by fans who are so grateful, for her pure, sweet sound. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the girls have to offer!

P.S. I’m rooting for Normani big time!

Image of One Direction

One Direction

One Direction– One Direction (affectionately known as ‘1D’) has given us some of the biggest hits ever. Say what you want about the British boyband, but you can’t deny their God-given talent. Having 1D and 5H out at the same time, back then, seemed like the best gift ever. Now that they’ve gone separate ways (with some bogus “we’re on a break” excuse), fans realize that they’re much, much better apart (those of us who care about real music anyway.) Harry Styles and Zayn, ‘arguably’ have seen the most success. Although each member is doing incredibly well, Harry and Zayn are in leagues of their own. ‘Sign of the Times’ (H.S.) and ‘It’s You’ (Zayn) definitely goes down on my list of favourites. Sure, I’d love to see a reunion from both groups one day, but for now, it’s better that way.

The Migos– TBA.(Nah, just kidding! I’m not ready for this one yet!)

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