I’m “finna” cut some of the noise

I’m “finna” cut some of the noise I have been hearing for the past few days off right now. You see I have realized in many a quest to be preserved as intelligent we deliberately put ourselves through the most agonizing, head thumping, and process of trying to decipher some of the most moronic proclamations by politicians, friends, and celebrities. The most recent being Kanye West and his buffoonish rhetoric that “Slavery was a Choice”.

The unwavering power social media site Twitter gifts individuals has got to be considered as dangerous as a certain President in the room with the “red phone”. The ability to reach and influence millions with strokes of your fingers should be afforded to those who have been carefully screened with sufficient background checks carried out.

No, slavery was not a choice. Tell me how many people will willingly allow themselves to be chained, shackled, stripped of their dignity and, less we forget,watch their families die, just to be a slave? The truth of the matter is as a slave your mind is broken. You are made into a robot, a vessel to carry out orders or face the consequences.

There is no way we should allow anyone to trick us into thinking that barbaric racial war that occurred for so many years was consensual.  I don’t care how many albums that induvial sold or which plastic person he chose to spend his life with.

I am happy that his fellow celebrities and colleagues called him out on the nonsense he was spewing. I was more heartened to see many of our young readers being able to think for themselves and penciling Kanye’s ignorant tweet as just that, ignorant.

I remember while I was in College, my lecturer at the time, Mr. Small, told us a story about a slave owner named Willie Lynch. Lynch, a British slave owner in the West Indies, was invited to the colony of Virginia in 1712 to teach his methods to slave owners there. Yes, he was the one responsible for drafting the letter on how to make a slave.

To this day, the methods he outlined, when I remember, I get furious because I see that method still being used in today’s modernized and “forward thinking” world.

Sadly Kanye’s tweet only adds more credence to what that slave owner conceptualized so many decades ago.

Young people, please don’t fall into that trap. Slavery was never a choice, they never asked for permission to put those massive iron rings around the necks or flesh bruising chains around their wrists.

Someone needs to take a picture of Kanye with the flash set to its brightest because he needs to “Get Out”.

Have a great weekend ya’ll and God bless.


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