Meltdown XD Ignites

Meltdown XD, staying true to its motto Extreme Mas with Extreme Class through challenging itself into a whole new look for the carnival festival, have launched with a fiery bang!

Meltdown XD Carnival Band in its 9th year unveiled their portrayal for Vieux Fort Carnival 2018 –“Ignite Birth by Fire”. The portrayal, consists of six full costume sections- Fire from Darkness – Purple, Fire of the Sun – Yellow, Fire & Ice – Blue, Fire of Life – Orange and Fire of the Human Spirit – Black/White.

Just like last year, the band will be parading in the National carnival parade representing the community of Vieux Fort where the other bands will come together under one umbrella and portray all costumes displayed in the Vieux Fort Carnival not just that of Meltdown XD, however focus is on the concept costumes of Meltdown XD.

Their affordable packages range from $950.00 to play mas in Vieux Fort and Castries, $750.00 (Castries only) to $400.00 (Vieux Fort only). Group registration is encouraged and would see groups of five paying $850.00 per person playing mas in both parades before June 5th.

The Vieux Fort carnival parade is scheduled for Sunday 8th and Monday 9th July 2018 beginning from 12:00p.m.,with the first ever King and Queen of the Bands Competition.

ALL MXD revellers get a free package for Vieux Fort Line Jam 2018 on July 29th if they’re jumping both carnivals and $20.00 off the package if they’re jumping only one carnival.

They’ve promised photos from their official photoshoot soon, so we will be checking them out on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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