Time waits for no man

We have said it once and we will continue to say it again, time waits for no man. If you don’t move with haste, you will be left behind. In this day and age the need to be on top of everything else is as compulsory as Mathematics and English in your CSEC Examinations.

Technology has almost made it that way. You staying current and educating yourself should be on the same level, as having breakfast, lunch and dinner. You shouldn’t be without any of the three during the course of the day.

Now, why am I making such a big deal out of something that you may think is trivial? I mean so what if you miss a day or two of the latest Dennery Segment songs or a new formula taught in Physics class?

Experience has taught me, you miss one day and you have almost single handedly missed out on your entire year. If you are lucky enough to get a friend to send you the music or to pass you his or her notes to copy then, you are without that vital piece of information that can dictate a passing or failing grade.

Knowledge = Quality = Productivity. The more you learn, the better your output potential becomes and thus gives you the ability to contribute significantly to your workforce. For example, a young man will spend hours practicing to be the best deejay and he will study the different aspects until he has mastered his craft. As he showcases his flawless talents, his gigs begin to pile up and in no time he is one of the most on demand entertainers on the island.

The same can be said for the student always topping the class and receiving the merit badges. Hours of burning the midnight oil pays off with the level of work produced and the end result speaks for itself.

And finally, if none of what you read above has moved you and you are still in doubt on why you need to stay current, think about your relevance. Your relevance depends on it. To lead, you need to ask the right questions. You need good instincts. You cannot be stale!

Have a great weekend ya’ll and God bless.

Scady .P

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