When someone commits suicide, it usually sends a wave of shock

When someone commits suicide, it usually sends a wave of shock throughout communities, and often- times, residents or loved ones are blindsided. Before, news of a suicide would rock a community, as it was something that occurred “once in a blue moon”. Today, news of a suicide still sends massive shock waves as individuals normally are oblivious to the trials the deceased faced, however, unlike before (what was once so taboo), suicide has now become a go-to route.

Sometime ago, a relative of mine committed suicide. After much fuss, the mango tree was chopped down as it served as a reminder. Relatives tried to come to terms with what happened and tried to find answers to a problem they would never solve. I remember seeing the lifeless face in the body bag and feeling so sad. If only the individual knew that there was another way and that suicide was never the answer.

Of course, some individuals face greater trials than others. You may be surprised to discover that the individual you chat with everyday has one hell of a story—still the individual never took the “easy” route. If we all committed suicide because life got unbearable, perhaps there’d be no one left in the world because we all have our fair share of problems—the rich, the poor, we all face difficult situations.

“You never know unless you’re in that situation.” Oh yes, I’m aware of that fact. However, sometimes my situation just may be greater than yours. Many times, individuals are unaware of the hard times others go through. We laugh and talk at work, school or on the bus even, and we sometimes are so blind to the hell that the person seated right next to us is going through.

Whether my situation is greater than yours or not, know that there is a higher power you can call on.You may shrug, laugh in God’s face, or at this article, and tell individuals that God is a ‘waste of time’ or does not exist, but if you try Jesus, He will listen (even if it seems like He has disappeared). Whether you’ve denied Him or not, God will hear and answer your prayer, once you have asked for forgiveness, and come before Him with a genuine heart.

I always say the trials in life make us stronger and that God placed us on this earth for a purpose. This is not me giving advice because it is “wise”. This is coming from a person who has testimonies to share; it is coming from someone who has been through the wringer; it is coming from someone who smiles constantly, meanwhile her story is unknown to many.

My trials have made me a million times stronger and I am grateful for how much I have transformed and what I have learnt along the way. Of course, if I had the option, I would not relive that chapter again. Still, it has made me who I am today.

If you are going through a hard time, find someone to talk to. Sometimes even a perfect stranger can help you—you will recognize a genuine heart when you see one. Find a support group, find strength in church, in a loved one, or find help online. Find help somewhere! Most importantly, find help in God. Challenge yourself today—weather the storm and trust in the Almighty God—don’t take the easy way out. Your victory may come weeks, months or years later (discouraging I know) but trust me when it comes, it is sweet and so, so worth it.

Have a good weekend all. See you in June God willing! (Vaca starts today!)

Sincerely, always,

Rae A.

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