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Katia Mitchel-Isaac

Katia Mitchel-Isaac was born on December 7th 1984 in Industry, Choiseul.  She moved around frequently as a child, resulting in her attending three primary schools (Delcer R.C. Combined, Vieux Fort Senior Primary, and Plain View Combine) and two secondary schools (Micoud Secondary and Choiseul Secondary).  After completing secondary school, she attended the southern extension of the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College where she studied Office Management.  Currently she is pursuing studies in Human Resource Management with the Association of Business Executives through the National Resource Development Foundation (N.R.D.F), with the hopes of obtaining a Master’s Degree.

As a child she always envisioned pursuing a career in law enforcement and when the opportunity presented itself for her to join the Royal St. Lucia Police Force in September of 2004, she lunged right in.  As a member of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force, Katia Mitchel-Isaac has had many firsts.  One of her most memorable first, is being the first and only female Police Officer in the R.S.L.P.F. to be certified in Repelling and Search and Rescue by the US Navy.

With over thirteen years of experience, she has worked in departments such as General Duties at the Vieux Fort Police Station, the Special Services Unit, Traffic Unit to name a few.  From August 2013, she asked to be transferred to the Scenes of Crime Office, where she currently works as a Crime Scene Investigator.  There, she processes reports of damage to property, stealing from motor vehicles, burglary and murder scenes to name a few.  In June of 2014, she successfully completed a Crime Scene Investigators Course with the National Security Training Academy, located in Trinidad and Tobago and excelled when she topped the course.  She continuously demonstrates zeal and passion for her job. Not only is she excelling at all Crime Scene Courses completed, she is also paving the way for females who are interested in such a field.  Currently, she is a member of International Crime Scene Investigation Association (ICSIA) and is in the process of becoming a certified Crime Scene Investigator.  Once completed, she will be the first certified female crime scene investigator on the island.  She is also aspiring to become a certified bloodstain pattern analysis.

When asked about her struggles she indicated that life was a struggle, being a successful and passionate female in today’s workforce is a struggle on its own but one must never lose sight of their dreams, aspirations and passions.  She smiled and indicated “I did not choose to be a Crime Scene Investigator, it chose me.  After two years of being in a department, I would get bored because I was no longer being challenged.  When the opportunity presented itself to become a S.O.C.O, I was like, oh well another department and another set of skills under my belt.  When I was interviewed, I said everything I thought they wanted to hear.  I guess it worked because after a few months of waiting, I was accepted.  After my first month at the department, I became intrigued of how the sciences were being used to solve crime.  I had to channel what little chemistry, biology and physics I remembered.  After six years of being in the department, I have not gotten bored.  Every scene is dynamic and this challenges me.  I can go on ten burglary scenes and each can be uniquely different.  I get a zeal in trying to figure out, what may have happened based on the evidence  presented before me.  I love my job and love that I can make a difference.”

Her advice to young women who want to pursue a career in the sciences, is to never give up and to always remember the effect science has on today’s world. Work hard, persevere, and remember your willingness to succeed and make a difference is going to prepare you in soaring to higher heights. Despite whatever challenges may present itself along the way, remember to be open for you may not choose your path but your path can choose you.

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