“And I say, these are some serious times,”

“And I say, these are some serious times, all I can see round natty is violence and crime, full time for us to centralize, socialize and realize, to let the sun shine through out every day.” It was with that breakthrough single bedded with a marching drum-like musical bed that introduced Gyptian to the reggae world; the year was 2005 and if we can remember so far back, it was indeed some of the most trying times.

The crime situation was one that could have single handedly cost the nation its main bread winner- tourism and the changing of the technological landscape was beginning to prove the old adage “just think what would happen if this ended up in the wrong hands” right.

Now if you aren’t sure just what that thing I am speaking of is, then you’re in luck, because today I am going to talk about one of the most serious conflicts affecting our society. I have ringed the topic of net security dry, but as was brought to my attention recently, I never really spoke about individuals who blatantly defame others. No we’re not talking about the photos and videos that the sickos post around for a few laughs, this delves even deeper. I am referring to the boldness of a person to wake up one morning with the plan to ruin one’s reputation with a concocted story that lovers of ro-ro would appreciate.

I have often wondered whatdoes it profit someone to see others suffer senselessly, just so you know, I am still wondering. Suggestions of low self-esteem, jealousy and genuine hatred for whatever reasons are some of the answers I have been given but still, they make no sense to me.

I often sit back and ask myself if individuals aren’t cognizant that what they say or rather type online can and often land them in a pot of hot water. If you aren’t aware, the legal term for getting one’s reputation dragged through the mud is “defamation of character.” Verbal defamation is known as slander. When defamation comes in written form, it is known as libel.

Now as we are in the era of the Internet, it is indeed very easy for someone you do or don’t know, to go online and cause lasting harm to your reputation; but be mindful that in the USA, a man was awarded  $25,000 in damages for something said about him online by someone he had never met. That type of justice isn’t too far from home, so becareful what you say and to who.

Have a great weekend ya’ll and God bless.

Scady . P

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