Carnival Queen 2018 – Who Will It Be?

On June 30, 2018, weeks of preparations will cumulate at the Royalton Theatre as nine young women will compete for the title of Carnival Queen as Events Company St. Lucia presents The National Queen Pageant.

The 2018 Carnival Queen Contestants are Pauline Francis – Ms Massy Stores, Tasha Fanus – Ms Crystal Clear, Camille Plummer – Ms MBC, Kianna Nicholas – Ms Pierre Marcel, Cynthia Lawrence – MsVybe Radio, Earlyca Frederick – Ms FICS, TemberCadette – Ms Bounty Rum, Tangie Butcher – Ms Piton, and the wildcard Jevani Joseph – Ms DBS.

This weekend we feature two of the hopefuls.

Image of Jevani Joseph

Jevani Joseph


Optimistic about every aspect of life and its endless possibilities; a vibrant, sophisticated, and warm-hearted individual, I am twenty year old Jevani Joseph, a proud resident of Bishop’s Gap, situated in the Community of Marchand, the home of many talents!

From the tender age of seven, I became actively involved in church-related activities, which afforded me the opportunity to explore my passion for social interaction, dancing and singing.

Liturgical Dance and Lector eventually became my areas of focus, as I assisted with the development of the youth of our parish.

My primary education commenced at the Ave Maria Girls’ School. I then graduated to the Sir Ira Simmons Secondary School where I served as a peer helper, instrumental in providing support to students who required guidance with developing study habits, social skills, as well as with their use of coping mechanisms while dealing with various stressors.

At the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College, I subsequently pursued and achieved an Associate Degree, in the field of Business studies.

My interest in this pageant as a contestant emanates from my need to feel a sense of accomplishment; to know that I have challenged myself by trying something new and different. This being my first of such endeavour, I expect that through this pageant, my professional network will be developed, thus creating opportunities for my exploration.

As I assiduously chase my dream of becoming aProfessional Counsellor, I have gravitated towards young individuals like myself, many of whom feel the weight of frustration and hopelessness, injected by their state of unemployment.

One of the attributes which I encourage and believe should be developed in our youth, is self-sufficiency; they should be empowered with the necessary skillset, and should possess the attitude of success and confidence, all of which are essential if they are to survive in today’s demanding world.

Image of Cathlina Lawrence

Cathlina Lawrence


I was born on June 25th, 1999, to Wellington and Cathy Ann Lawrence. I am grateful to my parents as they allowed me to venture beyond my St. Lucian soil; I was afforded a vast expanse of culture and knowledge, because of my father’s travels as a Sea Pilot.

While attending the Castries Comprehensive Secondary School, I was an active theatre arts student, a member of Young Leaders and a form prefect. I excelled in all my subjects specifically Caribbean History, for which I attained the award for outstanding performance in History at my graduation ceremony.

My passion for theatre arts and music has been a catalyst in my continuous desire to master the Steel Pan, an instrument I have been fond of from the year 2013. I am a member of Pantime Steel Orchestra and have had the opportunity to represent Saint Lucia at the 2015 International Panorama Competition in Trinidad.

I feel there is much to learn and explore in life, and believe it is important to grasp any occasion that enhances one’s personal well-being. My recent entry into the Queen of Gros Islet Pageant, which I won, was a step to attaining some of my goals. Iam grateful for the opportunity and experience, especially wearing the Crown. The knowledge acquired during my training for this pageant will further enhance my development as I prepare for the National Carnival Queen Pageant.

I recently completed a certificate course in “Entertainment Coordination” at the Caribbean Hospitality & Tourism Training Institute (CHTTI) a prize I received upon winning the title of Queen of Gros Islet. I am also currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Human Services at the Monroe College St. Lucia campus another prize gifted to me from my pageant winnings this past August. This degree is the first step into the field of psychology – a profession I wish to pursue in the future.

I am constantly on the move asI model at various events, attend steel pan practice and writing. I make every effort to maintain a positive attitude with an open mind habitually and enjoy assisting in the growth and progress of others.

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