Contagious Scientific Intelligence

Science is important as all aspects of life are governed by it and it also serves to teach us about where we are now and how we can improve our lifestyles. Contagious Scientific Intelligence was formed as a way in which students of like-mindedness, keen interest and similar drives could engage scientific material in a way that was different from the teaching of the syllabus. The group was officially formed by Constitution on Friday June 16th, 2017.

The objective is to encourage students to not only be attracted to the sciences but also the environment and play their part in its restoration and conservation as it too, plays an equally important role.

How was ‘Science City’ discovered?

The ‘Science City’ Project was an idea first conceptualized by Mr. PatrianneJawahill— Science Coordinator for the Vieux-Fort Comprehensive Secondary School— and immediately gained the interest of members. The project sought to depict the unique differences among each of the sciences yet capture the integration of them all. Every art work on the individual labs show the foundation of each science and how all other concepts are built on that one foundation.

Who designed the ‘Science City’ wall?

The wall was designed by Naja Simeon from Sakey Productions. However, the members played a big part in painting many of the individual pieces on each lab, as well as coming up with quotations and illustrations.

What are the expected outcomes of the ‘Science City’ wall?

The aim of the wall was to refresh the science lab area with unique science artwork and illustrations that depict the applications of Science in our everyday lives. It is our hope that this encourages other students to opt for Science subjects. Members enjoyed working on the project and one of the indirect aims was met – to unify and create a stronger bond between the membership body.

How many students currently make up the membership of CSI?

As of March 2018, our membership stands at 31, with 22 females and 9 males. The group is overseen by our trustee and Science Department Coordinator, Mr PatrianeeJawahill. The very first executive body consists of:

Lincoln Francis President
TenekahDornelly Vice President
Nicole Duncan Secretary
SolangeMartelly Assistant Secretary
Sharnique Ambrose Treasurer
Kernya Charles Assistant Treasurer
Sherkera James Public Relations Officer

What activities have the group conducted and participated in?

During the first executive’s tenure, the group engaged in various projects, tours and programmes for its members.

In 2017, the group engaged in tours of LUCELEC, the WASCO Treatment Plant, St. Lucia Distillers, Déglo Garbage Dump, the STAR Publishing Co., and DuBoulay Bottling Company Ltd. The group also staged a Science in Creole Exhibition, spearheaded a VFCSS Beautification Campaign Initiative: Phase I of ‘Science City’ Mural and participated in the International DECA Idea Challenge resulting in 2 Global Finalists out of 5 submissions.

More of the good work continued in 2018 with Phase One of the Inaugural Tree Planting Exercise and a collaboration with the Science Department for the first ever Student of Science (SOS) Internal School’s Science Fair. That saw a total of 32 projects from the SOS International Schools’ Science Fair entering the District Six Science Fair with 6 securing 1st to 3rd places. Eight (8) of these projects continued onto the National Schools’ Science and Technology Fair with four projects taking home final prizes.

The month of April was celebrated with the completion of ‘Science City’ Mural and the month after welcomed ‘#StuntWithStein’m a challenge created to boost interest in “Science City”. The group’s ongoing hard work continues with Phase II of Tree Planting Exercise.

The current executive is hopeful and excited for the future of the group and look forward to volunteering their time and energy in future activities that will be done by the future members of the organization.

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